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'''For ship type:''' {{AVALIABLE ROLES2}}
'''For ship type:''' {{AVALIABLE ROLES2}}

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Spatial Scanner

Type: CPU modifier for exploration mode.

For ranks: 6-10, 9-13, 12-17.

For ship type: Role scout.png Role recon.png ECM.png Role command.png Role attack.png Role tackler.png Role engineer.png Role guard.png Role sniper.png Suppressor.png


Increases critical hit chance.
Allows to activate a radar for item search in Open Space (default 'X').


Parameters Spatial Scanner 10 Spatial Scanner 13 Spatial Scanner 17
Critical hit chance 7% 8% 9%
Cost 5999GS.png 7999GS.png 9999GS.png

Weapons.png Rockets.png Spec ammo.png Active modules.png Ship mod.png Weapon mod.png
Weapons Missiles Special Modules Active Modules Ship Modifiers Munitions

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