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Tackler.png Tacklers are fighters designed to slow down other ships, making them easier for your allies to bring fire to bear on them. They are designed to counter fast ships like Recons and Covert Ops.

Tacklers are rather fragile and should avoid taking other fighters or frigates head on. The tackler's cloak is their main defense, allowing them to come at an enemy from an unexpected direction or to escape combat if attacked. Their speed debuffs allow them to slow an interceptor down to allow the tackler to dogfight with them. The target painter is a powerful DPS buff for not only you, but anyone else on your team that's shooting your target. Besides its obvious utility for escaping from enemy fire, your cloak is also a powerful offensive tool, allowing you to sneak up on a target before unleashing a devastating rain of fire on them. The best targets for a Tackler are interceptors and ships that are already under attack. Other fighters and frigates can generally outlast or out-damage you in a direct confrontation, and the Tackler's fragility makes it a poor choice for direct combat.

The Federation specialises in Tackler fighters, but Jericho also have some. Federation tacklers are faster while Jericho tacklers have stronger shields.


  • Sealed afterburner engine (-20% afterburner power consumption)
  • Better protection (+10 shield and hull pts.)
  • Small size (75% of additional shields)

Main tasks:

  • Allied fire support
  • Tactical weakening of the enemy
  • Slowing down the enemy


  • Reliable escape
  • The strongest slowdown in the game

Weak sides:

  • Lowest strength among fighters
  • Strongly dependent on the team
  • Difficult to master


  • Effective against: Covert Ops and Gunships
  • Weak against: Recons, Destroyers, Guard and Engineering

Shows itself best in small groups as a support.

If you like to ambush or cause panic among opponents, forcing you to make a fatal mistake, then this role is for you.

Special Module

ODG 'Chameleon'

The "Chameleon" cloaking device renders the tackler completely invisible. It will break after 18 seconds or if the tackler fires any weapons, uses any modules or takes damage, or moves in to the area of a Micro-locator. The cloak will not activate if the tackler is affected by Spy Drones or is in the area of effect of a Micro-locator. After the cloak breaks for any reason, the tackler gets a 20% damage bonus for 5 seconds.

Some tacklers have unique Special Modules.

Active Modules

Target Painter.png Sentry Drone module.png Heavy Guard Drone module.png Engine Suppressor.png Inhibitor Beam.png - all

'Dawn' locator.jpg Inhibitor drone.jpg Beam disintegrator.jpg Realignment.jpg Mine network.jpg Slowing projector.jpg 'Hunter' tactical system.jpg 'Stretto' gun system.jpg - unique and for premium ships of the same role

Trap mine.jpg - Singularity

Target Painter

The Target Painter reduces the resistances of the target, greatly increasing damage done to it from all sources. The Target Painter needs line of sight to work and will break early if the target goes behind an obstacle. This is a great team oriented module allowing take out targets faster be it an agile Interceptors or oversized heavy Destroyers Target Painter has a very high energy upkeep and it is generaly not recomended to use on tacklers build for agile close combat.

Engine Suppressor

The Engine Suppressor reduces the target's speed. It has a fairly short cooldown and, like the target painter, requires the tackler to keep the target in sight to work. This effect is countered by Rank 8 Implants - Federation (8-2) 'Beta-accelerator "Armadillo II"', which will remove slow effect form the target - majority of good interceptors will have this implant+multipurpose module at hand so it becomes a mind game and takler pilots should pay attention what modules their targets already used to not waste this effect.

Sentry Drone

The Sentry Drone drops an immobile drone that fires at enemies at range, does thermal dmg and has good accuracy and projectile speed - mostly effective vs interceptors.

Inhibitor Beam

The Inhibitor Beam prevents the target from using afterburners while active. It has no cooldown and a slightly longer range than the Engine Suppressor. The Inhibitor Beam requires line of sight to work, but since it has 1 second cool down it can be reapplied to the target rigth away. It is a good practice to equip both Inhibitor Beam and Engine suppresor - and applying Engine suppresor in right moments, while have constant Inhibitor Beam effect on target. Plus if you have Inhibitor Beam and Engine suppressor effects on a same target - overall speed reduction will be more effective that ony of those effect alone.

Heavy Guard Drone

Heavy version of a Sentry Drone, does EM dmg, has considerably slower projectile speed but higher dmg per hit, very ineffective vs anything smaller than a frigate due to very slow projectile speed of a Drone's weapon, recomended usage only in specific anty heavy builds.

Player Opinion and Gameplay

Tackler Fighters are all about playing smart. You are not a damage-dealing Gunship, or a tank-like Command. Use your cloak well and you will be surprised at how much you can do! Being typically the fastest of the fighters as well, use your mobility and unpredictability to your advantage. Most Tackler fighters are defeated because they try to fight like the other fighter roles. Use hit-and-run tactics and cripple your enemies with the unique modules that are available!