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In order to view the list of available tasks, it is necessary, while in the hangar, to press the button '''"Tasks"'''.
The task can include the destruction of ships, causing damage or a set of effectiveness in battle.
[[Premium content#Premium License|Premium License]] allows you to increase contractual resources: [[Credits]] {{CR}}, [[Experience]] {{SYN}}, workshop details for the entire period your action.
For a permanent increase in resources for each contract, you can also purchase in  [http://store.steampowered.com/app/212070// Steam] or [https://store.gaijin.net/storefront.php?skin_lang=en&category=StarConflict Game Store] sets-additions [[DLC]]:
* Star Conflict Mercenary Set - Soldier of Fortune
* Star Conflict Mercenary Set - Galaxy Explorer
* Star Conflict Mercenary Set - Elite Pilot
Each of which will add '''10%''' to the constantly added credits and experience of the ships.
Same [[Bonuses|bonuses]] from [[DLC]] are added together.
In the tasks window you can see several tabs. Tasks are sorted by these tabs for easy reference.
Campaign - special tasks that tell the story of the Star Conflict universe. Performing these tasks will give you many very valuable rewards (for example, valuable rare parts for manufactured ships, {{I}}, {{CR}}), and will also raise the pilot's clearance level above 15.
The plot of the campaign begins right after [[Ellydium]] Corporation managed to force out the aliens from the zone where the Ellydium Theta station is located.
It would seem that ‘Ellydium’ is at the peak of its success. But it is at this moment that the corporation sends a large-scale request to the UMC for urgent and high-paying work.
The [[UMC]] accepts the order and sends base an advanced reconnaissance unit to the ‘Ellydium Theta’ base, while it's assembling the main forces. As part of this reconnaissance unit, you are a high-class mercenary pilot. Adventures begin!
=[[Campaign#Level upping|Level up]]=
Here are the tasks, after which you will get a new [[Advancement|clearance level]] (starting from 16, up to 15 inclusive, the clearance levels increase automatically). <br/>
They will be issued only if clearance level 15 is reached, your clearance points scale of the current level is completely filled and the campaign tasks are completed.
Here there are tasks related to the current event in the game. <br/>
'''Contracts''' are a good way of earning resources by doing them in [[Open Space|open space]].<br/>
The progress of the execution of contracts is saved when you exit the game.
Awards are different:
* [[credits]]
* details for the workshop
Also here are located the UMC special orders in [[PvE|missions]], for which you can get {{I}}.
=Regular tasks=
[[File:Regular tasks.jpg|300px]]
A special type of tasks that, once completed, becomes available again the next day with the same conditions and reward. <br/>
''Exception.'' There are several tasks, one of which can be changed once a day to another, similar in style, but slightly with different conditions.<br/>
Do not have deadlines. <br/>
The rewards are materials and parts for the workshop, {{GS}} and corporate {{I}} ('''DOESN'T COME''' at the expense of the pilot). <br/>
'''Patrol''' - another daily mission, these contracts allow you to send a number of ships on a few-hour patrol. During patrol, the assigned ships will be unavailable for for use until the mission is either cancelled or completed. While any ship can be sent, ships with improved experience will often yield a higher credits reward. Upon completion, the player receives a sum of credits, determined by the patrol time and the ships assigned.
Tasks for [[Sector Conquest]] and for [[Portals]] are also located here.
Here are the '''tasks for enriched monocrystals and xenocrystals''' for victories in [[PvP]], [[PvE]] and [[CO-OP]].
Tasks for '''containers for [[Special Operation]]s''' are also here. The cost of a container is 100 {{I}}. The lifetime of the container in the store is 3 hours.

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