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Contracts are specific tasks assigned by the game's four major factions, or occasionally an outside party. Such tasks include destroying enemy ships, earning efficiency, and dealing damage to enemy ships. Upon completing a contract the player will receive Loyalty Vouchers with their current faction, Xenocrystals, Monocrystals, and other essential resources.

Contract Difficulties

Initially, the player will only have access to Easy difficulty contracts. These are fairly easy to complete, but the rewards are lackluster. At rank 7, Medium difficulty contracts become available. Medium-difficulty contracts must be completed in a ship of rank 7 or higher, thus offers better rewards. Upon Rank 11 unlocks Hard difficulty contracts, which require the use of a ship of the highest rank available to the player.

Faction Contracts

To accept a faction contract, the player must join a faction by switching to their hangar. This can be done through the Universe Map, or by clicking one of the character icons located to the far right of the UI and selecting the desired faction. Progress on the current faction's contracts will not be lost. Once the switch has been made, the player can accept a contract from the respective faction.

Each of the four factions can only have two active contracts (with the exception of Ellydium Theta, which only allows one), with a cooldown of 24 hours per contract. However, the cooldown is invoked during the daily "reset," meaning a contract completed only minutes before the reset will still be unlocked. For reference, the reset happens at 12:00 AM, GMT.

Broker Contracts

Broker offers missions relating to events. These missions can have any number of requirements and rewards, but they are all accessable no matter which faction the player is docked with. In addition to event missions, Broker offers a daily mission available to higher rank players that rewards Monocrystals and random Loyalty Vouchers for taking part in SCL battles.

Arlette Sokal Contracts

Sokal contracts are recurring contracts that are offered every hour to pilots of all ranks. These contracts award Xenocrystals, Alien Composite blocks, and Credits, all of which are used in the creation and evolution of alien ships. Just like Broker, Sokal contracts are available regardless of which faction the player resides with, and unlike faction contracts, more than one can be active at once. Every time the player completes 3 Sokal missions, they are able to purchase a bundle containing Cabin Parts for the alien engineering frigate Waz'Got.

Ellydium Resources and Alien Ship Parts

In addition to xenocrystals, Ellydium Theta offers two missions that aid in the construction and evolution of alien ships. The two missions award Ship Node Resources and Cabin Resources, respectively. Each mission has a 1 hour cooldown, and must be completed on a ship of the maximum rank available to the player.

"Ship Resources" Contracts

Tutorial Contracts - These are a special type of contract offered mainly by Selena Galo and are designed to familiarize you with the game. Tutorial contracts can only be completed once.

Open Space Contracts - Offered daily by each faction, these missions involve completing tasks in Open Space, and awards a variety of rewards including Credits, Synergy, Faction Vouchers and Components (including Computing Chips, Pure Silicon and Crystal Shards). Note that some contracts that offer Components may not appear until you have explored or docked before at the Federation's Station 'New Eden'.

Alien Ship Components - Contrary to the name, this contract allows the player to choose from the reward of 200 Alien Composite Blocks (Deal the killing blow to 10 ships), 10 Xenocrystals (Deal the killing blow to 10 ships on ships rank 7 or higher) or 25 Xenocrystals (Deal the killing blow to 10 ships on ships rank 12 or higher).

Special Module Mission - Offered daily by Arthur Gage, this mission provides three tasks that can be completed on ships of any rank. Upon completion, the player is allowed access to an exclusive Bundle that must be purchased with Iridium.

Patrol - Another daily Gage mission, these contracts allow you to send a number of ships on a 2, 4 or 8 hour patrol. During patrol, the assigned ships will be unavailable for for use until the mission is either cancelled or completed. While any ship can be sent, ships with improved Synergy will often yield a higher Faction Voucher reward. Upon completion, the player receives a sum of a random faction's Loyalty Vouchers, determined by the patrol time and the ships assigned.

Destroyer Resources - Completed by destroying 10 ships, based on the chosen reward. The rewards offered are 20 Impure Neodium, 20 Beryllium (Destroy ships on a rank 7 ship and above) and 20 Electrum (Destroy ships on a rank 11 ship and above).

Ellydium Evolution - This contract offers access to a "Xeno-resources Bundle", at a substantial cost of Iridium. This contract can be completed by destroying or helping to destroy [variable] ships using [Thermal, EM, Kinetic] damage.

Corporate Earnings - This is a contract offered by Conrad Dimeni. This contracts is completed by successfully completing 5 battles without failure. The ship used to join the battles must be the highest ship rank purchased by the player.

Veteran - One of the most rewarding and difficult tasks of all, offered by Selena Galo. This contact rewards 500 Galactic Standards, but requires the completion of 60 Regular Contracts.