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(Balance 1.10.6a)
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*'''Energy consumption:''' 350 en.
*'''Energy consumption:''' 225 en.
*'''Recharge:''' 45 s.
*'''Energy consumption per sec.:''' 150 en./s.
*'''Recharge:''' 40 s.
[[Category:Special modules]]
[[Category:Special modules]]

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Thor system overdrive

Type: Special module

For ship: Thor Role attack.png


Increases firing speed, energy regeneration, max speed, strafe speed, rotation speed by 40%, as well as accumulates charge (up to 5 pcs.) for 8 s.
Pressing the module's activation key again disables the module early.
After being disabled, it forms a beam that deals 2790-13950 (depending on the accumulated charge) EM damage to enemy ships at a distance of up to 5500 m. and within 250 m.


  • Energy consumption: 225 en.
  • Energy consumption per sec.: 150 en./s.
  • Recharge: 40 s.

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