Charging Mechanism

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Gauss Example.png

Currently you can only have 2 charges, but keep in mind that your "not charged" shot is 1 charge, so your fully charged shot is 2 charges (it use to be 3 loong time ago), since we have 2 stages of charge - each stage gives you 0.5 of a charge.

And crit dmg calculated form base dmg (1 charge) not from 2 charges.

So if you put it in numbers (not taking enemy resistances into account, and taking optimal range, no dmg debuffs, and etc):

- No charge:

2486 dmg

47% crit chance

5046.58 critical dmg

- 1st charge stage (1.5 charge)

3729 dmg

70.5% crit chance

6289.58 crit dmg

- 2d charge stage (2 charge)

- 4972 dmg

- 94% crit

- 7532.58 crit