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Contracts are specific tasks players can accept. They range from simple tasks like winning a match, to more complex ones like destroying drones or destroying the same player's ship three times in one match.

Upon completing a contract the player will receive loyalty towards their current subfaction and a small amount of credits. Most contracts have cooldowns ranging from one hour to one day before they can be accepted again.

Accepting a contract

First, the player must join a subfaction by signing a "long term contract" with them. This will terminate your contract with your current subfaction, but they won't hold it against you and you will keep your loyalty points with them, however they will require a credit payment of 20,000 credits per rank above 1 with them as compensation.

This will then unlock the normal short term contracts. Each rank you have with a subfaction increases the number of contracts they will offer you. In any case, you can only accept 3 contracts at a time (not counting your long term contract).

Tutorial Contracts

These are a special type of contract offered by your mercenary trainers designed to familiarise you with the game. They are not considered normal contracts and don't count towards your outstanding contract limit. Tutorial contracts can only be completed once.

List of contracts