Ice Belt

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| !Min. clearance level

|- !The location is present

=Info |Active |- !Zone difficultyin Missions |Yes, Operation 'Ice Belt' |}| |} ==Desription==Middle}}} |- [[File:Ice B "20"|<span style="fo |Yes, position 663/-187/-226 |- !Transitions to other locations |{{{|650px ="20"zation of the reactor. Te cartel is firmly entrenched in the dreadnought, trying to fix it for rs|To use for their own purposes.

The dreadnought damaged in the battle with the aliens could not escape this zone, and the crew hurriedly evacuated, fearing the destabili |height="5"| |} "center" style="font-size:110%" cellpadding="0" width="100%"

       |align="center" width= of thehe explosion did not follow, so the Federation leaders sent a repair team to restore the dreadnought, but it was not there. Th

Location panorama

on of construction.

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