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* You can also use iridium to speed up [[Dreadnoughts|building of shipyard or dreadnought]].
* You can also use iridium to speed up [[Dreadnoughts|building of shipyard or dreadnought]].

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Iridium is remains of Precursors' material culture. It is one of the main resources in Star Conflict.

Designation: Iridium.png

Pilots can find Iridium:

  • Pilots can receive Iridium as a reward for owning a sector while being part of a corporation that controls the location.
  • From the search for values ​​when getting Alien artifacts through their analysis:
    • The player can disassemble artifacts to Iridium for free, for GS.png or sell by Currency credits.png.
    • If the player disassembles the Artifact for the GS.png, then he will get more Iridium.
    • Artifacts can not be removed at the storage.
  • For special tasks in different modes.


Iridium can be spent:

  • On special containers that contain rare items in the game, such as parts of ships, rare reagents for the workshop.
  • For fast flights in the open world (be sure to visit the sector before that).
  • For the creation and development of the corporation.
  • To the corporate budget for construction and improvement of shipyards and dreadnoughts.
  • Iridium transfer from the pilot’s account to the corporation’s account goes 1 to 1.
  • You can also use iridium to speed up building of shipyard or dreadnought.