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Each role has a different special module built in to the ship. By default they are activated with F.

Interceptor Modules

Recon.png Recon
Microwarp.pngMicrowarp engine
Charges up, then makes a long-range jump.
Jump distance is based on ship velocity * 28 for 2 seconds, e.g. (ship speed 200m/sec * 28)*2 = 11,200m jump distance.
Covert Ops.png Covert Ops
PlasmaWeb.pngPlasma web
Deals thermal damage over time
TachyonCocoon.pngTachyon cocoon
Makes your ship invulnerable, then releases a pulse that disables nearby enemies

Fighter Modules

Gunship.png Gunship
Overdrive.pngShip overdrive
Increases speed, firing rate and energy regeneration speed for a short time
Tackler.png Tackler
Chameleon.png Chameleon
Optical distortion generator. Renders ship invisible to sight and sensors for a short period
Command.png Command
DiffusionShield.png Diffusion shield
Absorbs damage at the expense of energy for a short time.

Frigate Modules

Long Range.png Empire LRF
Disintegrator.png Disintegrator
Sniping long range thermal weapon
Long Range.png Jericho LRF
Torpedo.png Guided torpedo
Guided long range thermal missile
Engineering.png Engineering
CombatDrones.pngCombat Drones
Passively constructs drones that deal thermal damage at short range. Use to overload a drone, repairing nearby ships
Guard.png Guard
PhaseShield.png Phase shield
Increase shield's resistance to the chosen damage type.
Increased resistance is always on, 'using' the modules switches the damage type : Thermal > EM > Kinetic > Thermal ...