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Star Conflict is a fast-paced, third person space shooter, allowing players to sit at the helm of a starship and take part in high-octane skirmishes for control of ancient alien artefacts. Three thousand years have passed since the first colony ships left planet Earth. The galaxy now divided between vast star empires and independent groups, of which the three most powerful are the Empire, the Federation and Jericho.

On the outskirts of the galaxy, in Sector 1337, a collection of abandoned worlds were discovered - the ruins of the great civilization of Precursors. Giant factories hung in orbit, abandoned space stations, fragments of dreadnoughts drifted in long forgotten battlefields - yet of those who built these things, there was no sign. They were all presumed destroyed in a mysterious cataclysm. Pulsing anomalies lurk in forgotten star systems, burning like miniature suns and scouring all life from the nearby worlds. But that does not stop mankind, the new masters of the universe, from claiming these worlds. Empires and Alliances, mercenaries and adventurers alike all rushed to find Precursor artefacts, despite the growing danger. Many perished, including the well-armed expedition that first found the Sector, but enough returned with ship holds filled with untold riches to convince the galaxy that it was worth the risk. Now the galaxy is on the verge of total war over the inheritance of the Forerunners, and this ensures that mercenaries who ply their trade in Sector 1337 will never be short of work.

At your disposal are dozens of different ships, from rapid interceptors to heavy frigates, armed with a plethora of cannons, lasers, bombs and missiles. Each ship can be prepared for different tasks: reconnaissance of the enemy, bounty hunting, support and other allies.

Стороны конфликта

Империя — это идеально отлаженная машина войны, совершенная в своем подчинении лидеру. Политика этой фракции направлена на экспансию, расширение границ власти Императора — основной приоритет.

Представители Федерации - исследователи и торговцы, представляют собой Альянс свободных миров. Они не подчиняются никому, заплатив за свою свободу веками кровопролитных войн с Империей.

Веками ученые Иерихона вели разработки в области кибергенетики. Они изучали различные методы соединения живых и неживых тканей, стремясь к совершенству человеческого тела и разума.

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