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Using the game interface

If you have questions regarding account management or technical requirements, please check these detailed articles: account management and technical requirements.

Can I change my name?
To change your Name, right click on it in the Hangar and select "Change player name".
Be careful as choosing a new name can only be done once for free. Every subsequent attempt will cost some Galactic Standards!
Any offensive names can lead to ban or having your name edited by a GM.
How do i setup my Xbox controller/joystick?
Support for console controllers and joysticks is enabled. Just go into your Settings to enable them.
How do I map my control keys?
You can map your keys in the 'key binds' option of the menu.
How do I open the squad chat?
First you need to enable "show Chat" by pressing the eye button in the lower right corner of the chat window. You can then switch to squad chat by clicking the squad chat :tab.

In the hangar


Open the Ship Tree by clicking on the Ships icon in the top menu, by pressing F3, or from the left screen platform tabs where the selected ship will have an arrow pointing to the right.

How do I sell a ship?
Right click the ship in the ship tree then left click the Sell command.

Its sell price will be 25% of its usual buy price. It will be stripped of modules which will land in your warehouse. The ship you sell will always be available for re-purchase at 80% of its original buy price. If you buy it back for 80%, it will be the ship with the same synergy level you previously sold. Also, this ship re-purchased at 80% will have no modules.

If a ship is an elite ship which augments fleet strength, its value will be removed from fleet strength if sold.

How do I select another ship for battle?
You can select a ship by selecting a ship slot on the left side of the Hangar and then selecting a ship from the Ship Tree.
How do I remove a ship from a slot?
You can remove a ship from a slot by selecting the same ship in another slot, or by right clicking on the ship and selecting Remove from Slot.
Are premium ships better than normal ships?
Premium ships come with a maxed out synergy upon purchase and as such they are better than the corresponding regular tree ships when brand new, but when maxed out the normal ships are slightly better.
What is the ship's Synergy Level?
Synergy is the gradual, extra empowerment of a ship which comes over time by flying it. As you gain ship synergy, there will be indicators in the hangar telling you it is qualified for a level-up. When leveling up a ship, the stats of your ship will increase some, and some ship bonuses will be unlocked. On each ship's wiki page, you will find a table giving the ship's stats for each synergy level.
If I buy a sticker, will I be able to place it on any ship ?
Yes, if you buy a sticker from the sticker shop (accessible via the ship's "Equipment" tab, you will be able to put it on any ship of any tier. There is no limit to how often you can use a particular sticker after having bought it once. You can buy Stickers with GC or Credits.
Can I use the ships of other Factions ?
Yes, you can progress along any ship tree you like, regardless of starting faction.


What is the best weapon?
This question can't be answered, because it depends a lot on your gameplay.
What are special modules ?
Special Modules or special functions are unique abilities that differ by ship role.
What is the name of this sniper weapon ?
It is not a weapon but a special module for the Empire Long Range Frigates. It is called Disintegrator.
When can I get pulse lasers, coil mortars, and other things I've seen in videos?
More weapons and modules unlock as you progress to higher tiers, this is to introduce gameplay elements gradually.


How do I sell my looted items?
Items you loot after a battle can be fit into 3 separate categories.
The white-coloured items are sold automatically and only serve to increase your income.
Overcharged(green) or Experimental(purple) items are automatically put in your warehouse. You can either fit them on ships of the appropriate Tier, or sell them (keep in mind that some of the loot can not be bought for their respective Tier).
You can access your loot by clicking on the "My Items" tab in the Warehouse accessible via the top menu.
I looted a T2 upgrade kit after a battle but I can't use it on my ship.
Modules and ships are associated by their tier. Modules of a specific tier can only be fitted on ships of the same tier
Are premium modules better than normal items?
Premium modules have the same stats as the Mk III modules. Premium items are an alternative way of getting equipment, but you can get the same quality items through gameplay.
Is there a way to exchange items with other players?
No, there is no such way at the moment.
Can you give someone GS or modules ?
See above
How can I remove a module and leave the slot empty ?
Just drag&drop the item out of the slot


Do implants apply to all ships?
No, the implants only have an effect on the ships of the same rank or below.
For example, a level 3 implant has effect when flying rank 1 or 2 or 3 ships, but will not work on rank 4 or higher ships.
The only exception to this are the rank 15 implants, each of which will have partial effect to ships of any rank.


How does ranking work?
After each battle you get credits and synergy. Synergy is used to increase your ships' synergy levels, which unlocks further ships. Credit are used for buying new ships, modules, repairs and ammunition.
In a separate system, you can perform contracts for a faction. Fulfilling these will grant loyalty vouchers, which are used to purchase high quality equipment.
Why should I change my faction?
By changing your contract faction, you will be able to gain different types of loyalty vouchers, which are used to upgrade different items.
Can I change my contract faction without losing my current loyalty points?
Yes. You will have to pay a small credit fee to change your long-term contract.
How can I change my faction?
You can change your faction in the contracts window. You will have to pay a compensation fee for resigning your long-term contract.
I can't finish a contract even though I fulfilled its requirements.
Sometimes a contract asks you to have a ship of a minimal tier: "To fulfill the contract you need T2 ships or higher".
This is the case if an item only unlocks in a higher tier making it impossible to finish it before reaching said tier.
Can I finish a contract of Armada with a Jericho ship?
Unless specified otherwise, yes, the ship you use doesn't matter.


Battle Modes

What's the difference between Arcade and Regular modes?
In Regular you only possess 1 of each ship. In Arcade you have no limit on ship respawns.
What are the different game modes ?
Detonation, Domination and Combat Reconnaissance. More info on the different game modes can be found on the Game Modes page


Piloting your ship

What is the difference between the basic and expert pilot modes?
Basic mode allows for full view around ship while lacking fine-tuned control mechanics. The camera will quickly turn to follow your mouse cursor and your ship will rotate towards it as fast as it can. Shooting your guns at extreme angles is easy to do in Basic mode.
Expert mode allows for less view while increasing ship control. The camera will remain behind your ship, looking directly ahead. When you move your mouse to the edges of the screen, the ship will turn. It is more difficult to see and shoot at extreme angles in this mode.
How is the credit reward calculated at the end of a battle.
A fixed amount is divided into the player of each team according to the efficiency of each player. It doesn't depend on whether you win or lose the battle.
For example, if your team loses and you're the only one in your team that made a good score in efficiency, you will gain a lot of money. If you got a great score, but so did your teammates, you will gain little money.