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Each pilot in Star Conflict has their own style of play. Someone prefers rapid movements across the battlefield, someone places powerful weapon at the forefront, someone likes to help players, and someone likes to shoot from afar. The role system is designed not only to facilitate the game for players in their favorite style, but also to facilitate them in choosing the ship that best suits them. Each role is associated with a specific set of unique role-playing modules and weapons, supported by specially selected parameters of the ship.

In order to maintain the game balance, each role provides for a set of not only advantages, but also weak points. Thus, the game is strongly influenced by teamwork, when the weak points of your ship are compensated by the merits of your ally. Thus, you can prepare and conduct a fight so that the advantages of your ship work in full force against the shortcomings of the enemy ships.

Class Role
Interceptor Covert Ops
Interceptor Recon
Interceptor ECM
Fighter Command
Fighter Gunship
Fighter Tackler
Frigate Engineering
Frigate Guard
Frigate Long Range
Destroyer Suppressor Class