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Asteroids are common rock formations floating in space. They come in multiple sizes, and the larger ones often act as terrain to maneuver around. Smaller asteroids can be attacked with your ship's weapons to obtain valuable resources. Any weapon/equipment capable of dealing damage will work. Asteroids randomly appear in space, with multiple types available.

Asteroid types include:

- Poor Asteroid

- Rich Asteroid

- Asteroid

- Graphite Asteroid

- Rich Graphite Asteroid

The materials they drop are used for crafting advanced ships. Some types of asteroids only drop a specific type of ore - i.e Iridium Spines only drops Graphite Ore. A suitable asteroid can be found with the help of a special item called a “Spatial Scanner”.

Best Method of Mining

In order to mine an asteroid, you need to attack it. While dealing damage, the asteroid's surface will turn orange, representing the asteroid heating up. Consistently damage the asteroid, and you will eventually destroy it. As you attack it, it'll turn orange. A brighter color represents a higher temperature.

The brighter the asteroid is during its destruction, means that there is a greater chance of acquiring more valuable resources after it breaks apart. If the asteroid overheats, the asteroid will collapse, destroying itself and the resources inside it.

A Poor Asteroid's temperature is more difficult to judge, as it does not change much in color.