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Bundles can give various items or boosters. Some bundles can give ship parts and their special modules.

Some bundles are available for Galactic Standards and other may be purchased with Credits or Iridium.

Not all bundles are available at once, and sometimes they may change or vanish depending on the time of year or events that are happening. Check back daily to see if a new bundle has appeared!

Bundles periodically go on sale. This sale varies, but there is almost always a sale on weekends or special events.

You also can receive a free bundle once per day which can contain either credit or experience booster, an enriched monocrystal or more, and on the 5th consecutive login, you can activate a 1-day Premium license for free.

The bundles issued for performing tasks are also located here. The life of the store most of these bundles is limited in time.

The list of containers with cache for completing PvE can be seen here.