PvE mission «Captured Dreadnought»

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Captured dreadnought 1 image.jpg


Sector: Former Imperial sectors
System: Pride
Location: Captured Dreadnought
Min. clearance level: 1
Ship ranks: 1-17


After the Aliens attacks, the Imperial Dreadnought 'Ares' was seriously damaged, but not destroyed. With the current level of supply, the Empire cannot repair all of the dreadnought's security systems, and that is why it's important not to allow the pirates to capture it! They may try to steal its surviving equipment, or restore some of its engine and weapon systems. Now it is up to you mercs, to protect the Dreadnought from these lowlifes in the name of the Empire. We won't forget your favor!


The first stage

Requires players to capture 3 beacons, unlike in Blackwood, taking damage here will stop the capture. There are also Flak guns, fast-firing turrets dealing kinetic damage, that need to be destroyed as fast as possible or the beacon C will be hard to capture.

The second stage

Requires players to destroy 4 Major Calibers, they cant attack but are also defended by lots of plasma turrets, taking those down will make the job easier and it's good for bonus points!

The third stage

Requires players to take down 3 missile turrets, they have different characteristics:

​The first one fires kinetic missiles at a fast rate,high velocity and medium damage. The second one fires heavy thermal missiles, very slow firerate, medium velocity and very high damage. The third one fires nuclear missiles, medium firerate, high velocity and high damage, it also leaves a radiation cloud dealing thermal damage over time.


It is recommended to take an interceptor for fast capture especially a Recon ship. All of the missiles can be taken down by the Guard ship's missile shield. The turrets can be easily out-turned even by frigates. It is not possible to attack all of the 3 turrets at once as they are protected by a powerful static shields, they keep alternating and going one by one, the shields will be deactivated for a brief amount of time for the players to destroy it as fast as possible or otherwise they will have to wait until the shield deactivates again. The tackler drones are not excused from turret locks, placing them farther from the turrets then where the team is located can help making them last longer in battle because the AI tends to fire at the closest enemy to them first.


Tactical map

PvE mission «Captured Dreadnought» (map).jpg

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