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Mysterious spatial tunnels leading to various locations of space have been detected in the “Shining” zone. Their research has shown that control over them is a very profitable business since portals lead to resource-rich sectors.

To control the tunnels you need to capture the beacons in the location to which they are currently tied.

Mercenary teams have begun an active struggle for resources and control over the wormholes. It turned out that the passage through them blocks high-tech equipment, weapons and ships. Pilots will have to fight on the few available ships that can pass through the protective field of wormholes.

The fight has begun! Only the strongest teams and the best pilots will be able to control the tunnels and get valuable resources!

Available portals:

Portal Resource Ship ranks Weekday Time, GMT
South West 10-15 Every day 16-17
Southern Components of a special part of the ship “Confessor 10-15 Every day 17-18
South East 10-15 Every day 17-18
Northern Enriched monocrystals 10-15 Every day 19-20
Eastern Xenocrystals 10-15 Every day 19-20
North West Parts of the “Emperor” landing platform 10-15 Every day 19-20
Alien Zone Enriched monocrystals 10-15 Every day 21-22
North East Crystal ganglions 10-15 Saturday 16-17
Western Monocrystal panels 10-15 Saturday 17-18

Participation in "Portals" gamemode

"Portals" are part of Conquest, not passing with dreadnoughts, but in the mode "Beacon capture".

To see which modules are allowed, in the game settings you need to activate the option "Esports modules display". At the same time, the authorized equipment will receive the "ES" index on the icons.

The list of allowed ships, weapons and modules in "Portals":

At least 3 ships are needed and the squad's leader's dreadnought in the portal zone if pilots fly together.


Tournaments are competitions held every weekend. For victories in weekly tournaments, you can get .

Tournaments are held in "Team Battle" mode. It lasts 40 minutes.

Initially, teams will be assembled based on the personal qualities of each pilot. However, after the first battle, the team performance will also be taken into account. The opponent for this team will be selected according to the same parameters. For example, if your team performed well in the first battle, in the second battle you will fight against a team that performed approximately the same in the battle before.

The ships you put on your platforms when you enter tournament are the only ships available for all three rounds and can't be changed.

Tournament consists of three stages. For each stage, you also get a bonus to experience and credits depending on the number of wins.

Preffered way to enter the tournament is to form a wing first as pilots trying to queue in the random queue are not guaranteed to have a spot in the tournament.

The weekly tournament on Saturday and Sunday is for pilots of ranks 7-9 at 16:00 GMT:

  • For one victory in the tournament, players will receive 150
  • For two victories in the tournament players will receive 250
  • For three victories in the tournament, players will receive 400
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