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Designed to improve the characteristics of the ship. Installed in the slots of the appropriate type. The number of slots of each type of modifier on a ship depends on its rank and faction.

Modifiers are divided into 5 types:

  • Engine
  • Capacitor
  • Shield
  • Hull
  • Computer


Name Description Tiers Mk III
Collision Compensator Reduces collision damage and increases rotation and maneuvering speed. 1+ Wardens.png
Inertia Stabilizer Increases strafe speed 4+ Armada.png
Vernier Engines Increases rotation speed 2+ Vangaurd.png
Catalyst Injector Increases speed 2+ Armada.png
Tetroxide Injector Increases acceleration 3+ Vangaurd.png
Auxiliary Generator Increases speed at the cost of increased afterburner energy use 1+ Armada.png


Name Description Tiers Mk III
Iridium Heatsink Increases weapon rate of fire 3+ Armada.png
Emergency Barrier Grants you invulnerability when you reach 15% hull strength. Has a cooldown. 2+ Raid.png
Acceleration Coils Increases projectile speed. Frigates only. 2+ Vangaurd.png
Leak Stabilizer Increases capacitor volume 1+ Armada.png
Voltage Regulator Increases capacitor recharge 1+ Vangaurd.png
Pulse Discharger Increases main weapon damage at the cost of capacitor recharge 2+ Wardens.png
Multiphase Generator Increases capacitor volume and recharge 4+ Legion.png
Capacitor Power Relay Increases shield recharge at the cost of capacitor recharge 4+ Raid.png
Power Unit Conduit Increases speed at the cost of capacitor volume 3+ Techs.png


Name Description Tiers Mk III
Energy Recuperation System Converts some damage taken in to energy. Fighters only. 3+ Techs.png
Thermal Modulator Increases shield thermal resistance 2+ Techs.png
EM Diffuser Increases shield EM resistance 2+ Raid.png
Variative Shield Projector Increases shield kinetic resistance 2+ Raid.png
Auxiliary Shield Projector Increases shield strength 1+ Techs.png
Asynchronous Shield Projector Increases shield recharge 1+ Raid.png
Shield Projection splitter Greatly increases shield strength at the cost of acceleration 2+ Techs.png
Adaptive Shield Increases shield and hull reisstances while the ship is flying at maximum speed 3+ Raid.png
Compact Shield Generator Increases capacitor volume at the cost of shield strength 3+ Vangaurd.png
Submatter Shield Increases speed at the cost of shield resistances 4+ Armada.png


Name Description Tiers Mk III
Thermal Insulator Increases hull thermal resistance 2+ Legion.png
EM Insulation Increases hull EM resistance 2+ Wardens.png
Reactive Armor Increases hull kinetic resistance 2+ Legion.png
Improved Missile Pylons Improves missile reload time 3+ Vangaurd.png
Reinforced Beams Increases hull strength 1+ Wardens.png
Armor-Plated Hull Greatly increases hull strength at the cost of speed 2+ Wardens.png
Regenerative Coating Slowly regenerates hull strength 3+ Legion.png
Lightweight Hull Increases speed at the cost of hull strength 4+ Legion.png
Galvanized Armor Increases hull resistances at the cost of rotation speed 3+ Wardens.png
Passive Armor Increases energy regeneration rate at the cost of hull resistances 3+ Legion.png


Name Description Tiers Mk III
Electronic Guidance Reduces main weapon spread 1+ Vangaurd.png
Horizon Module Increases main weapon range 3+ Armada.png
Proton Wall System Reduces controlling effects' duration 2+ Techs.png
Enhanced Scanner Increases sensor range 1+ Wardens.png
Overclocked CPU Reduces locking time 2+ Raid.png
Target Tracking Coprocessor Increases critical damage bonus 4+ Raid.png
Infrared Scanner Increases critical chance 3+ Techs.png