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The Empire is a great war machine, steadfast in its submission to the leader. This faction’s policy is aimed at expansion: expanding the boundaries of the Emperor’s power is their main priority.


Before the war with Aliens Empire was a great war machine, steadfast in its submission to the leader. This faction’s policy was aimed at expansion: expanding the boundaries of the Emperor’s power was their main priority.

The Empire’s strength came from the best navy in the universe. The magnificent ships were characterized by high wear resistance and combat capability. They were equipped with the best offensive and defensive techniques in their field, which were developed by the faction’s scientific cabinet. Representatives of the Empire were very interested in technology, particularly military technology. The cabinet of scientists, which was formed by the best minds in the universe, was generously sponsored — Imperials didn’t skimp on innovations. However, the Empire wasn’t interested in sharing these technical innovations with the masses.

The army was the pride of every Imperial, and a successful military career was essential for anyone who hoped to achieve a high-powered position. Representatives of this faction command respected with fortitude, the ability to stand up for themselves, and solidarity. The appearance of members of the Empire was exactly the same as their character. According to them, one’s clothes should be functional and reflect the owner’s status.

Proud and strong, loyal to the Emperor and ready to conquer the universe every day of the year, Imperials were one of the universe’s strongest factions.


When the Aliens invaded the Solar System and crushed Wardens, the Empire was left without a head. The fate of the Emperor is currently unknown. Rumor has it that some of Wardens managed to evacuate with the Emperor into a secret refuge system and were cut off by a portal storm, but there is no evidence of this version.

Having lost the Emperor, part of the worlds of the Empire, long processed by the Federation, immediately declared themselves vassals, creating the Republic of Separate Worlds.

The remaining worlds of the Empire, most of them passed under the authority of the military commanders of the Legion, who also split up into units, unable to withstand the absence of an authoritarian ruler. Ironically, the Empire suffered the fate of its longtime enemy Jericho, when it lost Bartle.

On the body of the former Empire, several new states emerged, calling themselves various kinds of empires and headed by former Legion commanders. Relations between them are strained, although they remain allied.

The reason is simple - despite the vast territories of new empires, this is nothing more than an application. In fact, they are not able to maintain order on the controlled worlds. Therefore, despite loud slogans, great goals and different paths, the former fellow citizens try not to quarrel.

In such a fragmented form, the Empire became a tasty morsel for all sorts of criminals and mercenaries. And the Solar System, with the chaos reigning there, uncertainty and legends about the riches left behind by Wardens, seems to be a treasure island.

Sectors of former Empire

The Empire factions



Condition: Destroyed


The elite of the Imperial Space Navy was the undefeated Legion, a large body of troops created at the dawn of the fleet under the command of the Emperor. The Legion, who had a different name then, was able to rout the forces Direktoriuma and never lost a fight with the Jericho. Since then, they were called the Invincible Legion. They always selected only the best officers and pilots. Over the centuries it turned into a huge force of military-technical personnel, with its own laboratories, design offices, and manufacturing facilities. Scientific and technical potential of the Legion could produce its own models of spacecrafts.

After war

The authoritarian style of government that permeated the Empire at all levels of the hierarchy turned out to be a clockwork bomb, which worked when the Emperor disappeared along with the Vardens who had cemented society.

Legion commanders are war heroes, strong and tough leaders, with absolute faith in their own right. These qualities prevented them from maintaining unity and agreeing on whose vision of the future of the Empire is correct. Former legionaries tore the Empire apart, creating their own empires around their units.

What is interesting is that despite the political split, they all use the single currency inherited from the Empire. What is often used by mercenaries, preferring to earn it in safe places, and spend it in poor and civil war-ridden regions, where they can afford literally anything they want.


Condition: Unknown


After the Direktorium Conspiracy and the resulting riots, a special military unit called the Order of the Wardens was created: they were the Emperor's personal guard. They were tasked with protecting him during his movements across the galaxy. In addition, the Wardens had the honor of guarding Earth, the cradle of humanity and the birthplace of the Emperor. The Order Warden was not limited to the use of funds: it had its own research centers and industry, where their technology improved the Imperial ships. Being the elite of the Imperial Armed Forces, they could modify their ships to create superior weapons and systems.

After war

After the loss of the Solar System in the War against Aliens, the fate of the faction, like the Emperor, is unknown. Many Imperials believe that Wardens were evacuated along with the Emperor to a secure system through a secret gate, but most likely the representatives of this faction fell to the last while protecting the Solar System. The only exceptions were a number of divisions and individual officers, who at the time of the main battle were in other places. They are now representatives of Wardens.


New Empire

The largest among the newly formed empires and the heir to the traditional Imperial values. Declares the goal that allowed them to join the maximum number of worlds: wait for the return of the true Emperor and return power to him.

Ironically, it was this way that made it look like the old Federation, and even attractive to immigrants. Obsessed with preserving the status quo, not engaging in endless wars, ensuring a relatively quiet life for its citizens and protection from the arbitrariness of managers, the New Empire became a place where, under the close control of the state, private industries began to flourish, ensuring the development of new military and civilian technologies.

Sacred Empire (Inquisition)

The heirs of the intellectual and intelligence power of Wardens and concurrently - all that remains of this faction (except for the Templars). The rest is not as strong as the Emperor's elite guard was before the fall of the Solar System.

After the death of Wardens, they assumed some of their functions. Namely - the search and study of the artifacts of the Precursors. The main objective of the modern Inquisition: the search and neutralization of alien agents and people infected with alien viruses.

It is also traditionally “in charge” of the questions of the divinity of the Emperor, and after his disappearance, they did not want to give these functions to the creators of the new empires. When the split of the Legion began, they formed a Sacred Empire, which includes several systems, including the headquarters of the Inquisition.

Despite its relatively small size, when compared with empires formed after the split of the Legion, the Sacred Empire is one of the most influential states in the entire space of the former united Empire. And better than others control their small territories.

Great Empire

After the fall of the Solar System, the Imperials were demoralized and many Legionnaires did not believe that the Emperor was alive and would return to take power into his own hands. And what kind of Emperor, if allowed Aliens to penetrate into the heart of the empire and the cradle of humanity. The old empire was weak because it believed in a pacifier. It's time to change the strategy. The time has come for a truly strong leader and a great empire!

So, under these slogans, a number of military officials, who were close to the emperor, formed a new faction and called it the “Great Empire”.

Why build an Empire if it is not Great? Apparently the creators of this faction thought so, giving it a name. And, of course, there were people who believed it. But not that they had a choice.

Northern Empire

Formed by one of the commanders of the Legion and named after an ancient guiding star, the Northern Empire should have shown the right and united path to all the Imperials who had lost the Emperor. But, what is this path no one really understood. And it seems that even the creator of the Northern Empire, who based it solely on his authority as a war hero and unity slogans, did not understand. The result was a cheap and severely curtailed version of the old Empire, which gave people the familiar cult of personality, isolation and deprivation, justified by “difficult times”. And to all those around him - a reason for endless jokes over the puffy face of the Emperor of the Northern Empire and the blind devotion of his subjects.

Ironside Empire

Another Empire, hastily built on the authority of a war hero and a former Legion commander. Not flattering before the Invasion with special strategic talents, reputed to be narrow-minded and rude, general Ironside caught his lucky star when the second wave of the invasion began. His natural instincts and ingenuity were enough to realize in a matter of minutes the full scale of the threat and put their own strong-willed decision to transfer most of the factories of the “II Military Industrial Belt”, including Fort Rock, to a state of siege and send all units entrusted to him to protect them. Only because of this, we managed to save 60% of the capacities of the factories, while other regions lost up to 90% of their military structure.

Now general Ironside is the sole ruler of his Empire, based on the preserved military potential. His unsophisticated personality cult will envy even the clumsy political technologies of the Northern Empire. The elite close to him are war criminals, and he himself is more like a pirate baron than an emperor. In the Empire of Ironside, lawlessness reigns supreme, overt exploitation of civilians and internal terror.


At the time of the Empire, land operations specialists were trained in these systems. Infantry, landing, special forces, boarding commands. When the entire Eastern Empire edge decided to form the Republic of the Separate Worlds and join the Federation, the systems of Sparta remained loyal to the disintegrating Empire. And, although Sparta does not possess a strong fleet, it is protected much better than many systems of the old Empire.

The Doomed Flotilla

When the inhabited planets of the Empire in this sector under the influence of the biomorph virus began to live independent lives, people evacuated on what they could. And it was not always possible to do this on a fully fueled ship or on a ship that is generally capable of making interstellar flights. The collapsed Empire did not care for the doomed, and as a result this sector was filled with drifting ships with dead or infected people. Not to mention strangers everywhere. Nevertheless, modern life support and recycling systems still support the lives of many pilots and passengers. The survivors are trying to organize themselves and help each other. After all, communications do not require fuel for interstellar flights. The Flotilla people calculate optimal rapprochement rates based on life support systems. They determine the priorities of salvation, and, where this is not possible, support each other to the end and together grieve for the departed.


The non-combat unit of Wardens, which was subordinate to the Inquisition and dealt with the decorative aspects of faith in the Emperor. They built temples and palaces, claimed and invented rituals of worship to the Emperor, ordered hymns to the most expensive composers and similar expensive things. They do not possess a strong fleet, but they possess extremely impressive amounts of money, so they could afford a small army of mercenaries, they would have such a need. Although they do not possess production capacities and do not conduct their own weapons development, they have at their disposal rare samples of military equipment (including ceremonial ones) produced in secret laboratories of the fallen Empire.

Steel Legion

A division of the Legion who wished to keep the internal structure unchanged. They behave as if the Emperor is still at the helm and continue to defend the sector entrusted to them even before the war. If there is a faction that can be called the heirs of the old Legion, then they are.

Union of Free Legions

Former Legionnaires, after the fall of the Solar System decided to begin the life of mercenaries.

Wardens of the Emperor

Location unknown. Probably destroyed during the invasion along with the Emperor.

Imperial Design Bureau

Earlier, Empire ships were created and modified here. It was destroyed during the invasion. But they say that the bureau ruins can keep great secrets and technologies that have not yet seen the light, but can turn all life in the galaxy.

Martian Laboratories

Previously, studies of captured enemy ships and the testing of new guns and modules were conducted here. Ceased to exist in connection with the capture of the Solar System by the Aliens.

Earth Shipyards

The complex of imperial shipyards on Earth orbit, producing the most elite and advanced ships for the Emperor and the highest military ranks of the Empire. Destroyed by biomorphs and, at the moment, is a pile of shapeless debris soaring in orbit.

Venusian industrial complex

The main factories for the production of equipment for ships and ground operations. Due to the capture of the Solar System by the Aliens, communication with the complex had been lost. The current state of the plants is unknown. Most likely destroyed.

Characteristics of Empire Ships

  • Strong Hulls (up to +40% than other factions)
  • High Firepower (+7% to main weapon damage)
  • Weak Shields (up to -15% than other factions)
  • Weak Capacitor
  • Low Speed and Agility

All in all a good choice for those who prefer brute force over subtlety.

Empire ships


II Dvergr

III Dvergr 2

VI Dwarf 2

VI Scout

VIII Swarm

IX Deimon

XI Tempest

XII Leonina

XIII Viking


XIV Grim

XV Jarl

XV Cyning

XVI Seeress

XVII Dyrnwyn


III Dainsleif

V Deimos

V Ghost

VI Kalah

VII Phobos

VIII Prometheus

VIII Veils

IX Nukem I

XI Castor

XII Argonaut

XII Orelus

XII Loki

XIII Apollo

XIV Aura

XV Spark

XV Shark

XV Mjolnir

XVI Granite

XVI Thor

XVII Hadrian

XVII Typhon


II Harpy

III Siegfried

VI Hydra

VI Hydra 2

VI Trooper

VIII Cerberus

IX Styx

IX Sigurdr

X Garm

XI Centaur

XII Chiron

XII Atlas

XIII Dragon

XIII Brokk

XIV Naga

XV Phoenix

XV Kraken

XVI Gungnir

XVI Scylla

XVII Thrasher


VIII Invincible

XI Brave

XIV Vigilant

XVII Emperor