Pandora (star)

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Pandora is the name of a star. The surface is covered with a lava-like liquid substance, which is nothing but a hood, that keeps the energy inside the star and does not allow to spend it glowing. The radioactive background of the star is non-congeneric, there are some places where it is very high and places where the radiation almost absent.


Sector: 1338

Name of the system: Pandora

Temperature: 2500 K

Spectral type: M8

Mass: 0.17 M/M

Radius: 0.17 R/R

Luminosity: 0.0000001 L/L

Right ascension: 21h43M27s

Declination: +58°46'45

Rotation: 2d


Humans had only arisen when the Precursors had already turned this star into a generator. For thousands of years, it supplied them energy for their experiments.

Pandora got its name after a sharp statement made by an officer of the Federation when one of his echelons had disappeared while exploring the asteroid belt of the star: "Mark my words - our politicians shouldn't have made us dig in this damned ruins. This hole system is the devil Pandora's box!"