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Pilot rating is a rough assessment of a pilot’s personal and team skills in fighting other players. A pilot's rating is displayed in his profile.

The following is considered in the new skill rating calculations:

  • Your efficiency relative to maximum efficiency in the team. If you are about average compared to your team, or even at the top — that’s a plus, since it increases the coefficient during rating calculation.
  • The number of deaths in combat. The less you are taken down in the fight, the higher the rating grows. Try not to die!
  • Team’s victory or loss. If you see that the team is losing, you need to earn as much personal effectiveness to break from the average value of the team and then rating loss will be negligible.

The rating is calculated at the end of the battle.

Its change depends on the current skill value: if you played better, the rating will start to grow, if worse — it will degrade. Rating change is rather smooth and depends on how consistently you maintain your game performance.

The maximum value of the skill rating is 10 000. The highest difficulty of the game and the most strict assessment of the pilot’s personal ability are manifested at higher ranks, which, of course, is taken into account in the formula. Beginning with the first through ninth ranks, the maximum ‘ceiling’ of their rating increases. Players of lower levels can get high skill values, but to get into the list of elite pilots they need to confirm their ability in the toughest battles on the strongest ships.

For achieving 2 500, 5 000, and 7 500 ratings, a pilot is given the titles. "Recruit", "Grunt" and "Pro" respectively.

Every Thursday, pilots ranked 1-3 in ranking among all pilots are given the title "Legend", those ranked 4-20 are given the title "Remorseless", and 21-50 are given the title "Top Gun". These 3 titles are active during the week.