'Ellydium Theta'

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From the start of the invasion ‘Ellydium’ focused its activities on the study of Alien technology. Many important discoveries and technologies based on them will not only enhanced the corporation's reputation, but also greatly expanded their opportunities.

With the opening of portals into Alien worlds, the organization has been actively recruiting mercenaries to collect information on the foreign worlds and their secrets. As soon as an opportunity to gain a foothold near one of the monstrous Alien Leviathans appeared, ‘Ellydium’ leaders immediately took advantage of it. The leading specialists were sent to the area and deployed observation and defence outposts. A month later, it became clear that any new object would always attract Alien attention and would eventually be destroyed.

A new plan was deployed to solve this problem, and Dr. Conrad Dimeni took responsibility for its implementation. Development began with submerging under the surface of the Leviathan and building several compartments inside it. The project took almost half a year, and the result of a risky operation was the assembly of a unique station ‘Ellydium Theta’ on Leviathan.

Dr. Conrad Dimeni was appointed head of the station. Former legate of the Imperial Security Service Natasha Cortes was appointed head of ‘Ellydium Theta’ Security Service.

Starting today, the new station ‘Ellydium Theta’ is available for all pilots of fringe sectors. All pilots were automatically transferred to the new station to get acquainted with all the novelties of ‘Ellydium’ corporation.

The entrance to the station is located in zone 'Ellydium Theta' station.