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Ellydium 01.png
At one time, Ellydium was just one of many corporations trying to get rich in the Precursors sectors. But after the first attack of the aliens, everything changed. From the start of the invasion ‘Ellydium’ focused its activities on the study of Alien technology. Many important discoveries and technologies based on them will not only enhanced the corporation's reputation, but also greatly expanded their opportunities.

With the opening of portals into Alien worlds, the organization has been actively recruiting mercenaries to collect information on the foreign worlds and their secrets. As soon as an opportunity to gain a foothold near one of the monstrous Alien Leviathans appeared, ‘Ellydium’ leaders immediately took advantage of it. The leading specialists were sent to the area and deployed observation and defence outposts. The result of the risky operation was the construction of a unique station 'Ellydium Theta' on the surface of Leviathan.


When the corporation "Ellydium" entrenched in the Leviathan, unprecedented opportunities opened up before it, and this turned the scientists to the head. Most often, experiments were conducted without compliance with safety regulations, and in the end, communication was lost with one of the station's units. An engineering brigade under the escort of a military detachment of mercenaries went to clarify the situation, but what they saw shocked them to the depths of their souls. All rooms of the block were covered with crystalline growths, many rooms were depressurized. Preserved records narrated about experiments with the effects of different types of energy on living crystals and iridium nanoalloys. Subsequent studies (in much more protected conditions) opened up the possibility of “growing” living crystals with the help of ionic generators and single crystals. This opportunity was used to create the first ship "Ellydium" - Thar'Ga, which became one of the main breakthroughs. Experiments have shown that crystal growth can be controlled by making more than a hundred different modifications of the ship to the individual needs of the pilots. Not surprisingly, such a dangerous and powerful technology, coupled with the advanced developments of the corporation "Ellydium", led to the emergence of a huge number of dissatisfied, both among other corporations and among mercenaries.

Features of Ellydium ships

  • Each ship of the "Ellydium" can be customized by the pilot for its needs by turning on and off the "nodes (nodes)" in the ship's evolution tree.
  • The nodes improve the survivability of the ship, its combat characteristics, allow you to choose different special modules.
    • The more nodes activated, the higher the rank of the ship.
    • Initial node discovery requires resources. In the future, its on/off is free.
    • Each knot spends evolution points. The total number of evolution points is limited, you cannot activate all nodes at once.
  • Ships receive higher collision damage due to the fragile crystal structure.
  • The appearance of the ships varies greatly depending on the selected special module.
  • Ships receive 50% less regeneration of the shield and hull from any sources (for example, if it is written in the characteristics of the special module that it restores 8000 pts. of the hull, then in reality your ship will recover only 4000 pts.).
  • If the ship does not use modules weapons for 5 seconds, its hull begins to regenerate at:
    • 100 pts/s for the interceptor (receives 50 pts/s due to a debuf);
    • 200 pts/s for the fighter (receives 100 pts/s due to a debuf);
    • 300 pts/s for the frigate (receives 150 pts/s due to a debuf);
    • 400 pts/s for the destroyer (receives 200 pts/s due to a debuf).

Ellydium ships

At the moment there are only 4 Ellydium ships in the game, but this list will be updated.


V - XV Recon.png Tai'Kin.


V - XV Gunship.png Thar'Ga.


V - XV Engineering.png Waz'Got.


IX - XV Suppressor.png Ze'Ta