PvE mission «'Blackwood' Shipyard»

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Blackwood shipyard 1 image.jpg


Sector: Former Imperial sectors
System: Menar
Location: 'Blackwood' Shipyard
Min. clearance level: 1
Ship ranks: 1-17


At the very beginning of the Invasion, the Blackwood corporation lost control over an experimental shipyard controlled by artificial intelligence. Investigation reports show that the Al was affected by some unknown virus. Imperial command does not interfere with the situation, as all fleet resources are concentrated on fighting off the Invasion forces. This is where you come in, mercenaries. However, Blackwood is interested in keeping their research, and the corporation's engineers are developing and implementing various new programs, aimed at regaining control over the AI.


The first stage

Requires a player to defend the beacons from 3 waves of capturing AI's, keeping at least one beacon intact is necessary to continue the mission. A player can restore a beacon's defense points even when taking damage.

The second stage

Features the destruction of 3 navigational stations. Since they are stationary, they are easy targets but can be difficult to destroy due to a rather large pool of hitpoints.

The third stage

The last stage requires a player to take down the experimental 'Punisher' prototype ship. It has the abilities of all frigate classes, a very powerful pulsar, six guns and it can also use combat drones to replenish his shield. Like any empire ship, it has a very strong hull so kinetic weapons are recommended!


A LRF is recommended, also an Engineer can be very useful since its static barrier can block the 'Punisher' pulsar long enough to give a player a window of opportunity to survive. A Guard ship can use its pulsar to fend off lesser NPC's called in as a reinforcement for the prototype ship. Killing the reinforcements is necessary since they can give him various buffs such as combat drone healing and missile shield.


Tactical map

PvE mission «'Blackwood' Shipyard» (map).jpg

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