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Sometimes, in special situations, some corporations use automated systems with artificial intelligence to capture the sector. They are cheap and additionally allow their owners to save on mercenaries. And even if these machines are not capable of thinking like a person, yet they surpass him in a number of parameters and can be very dangerous.

UMC issues contracts for clearing the captured systems of AI ships with separate tasks. If you decide to take on this mission, then you need to select the appropriate window and register to start the operation.


CO-OP mode (or "vs AI") is a game mode that reassembles PvP Arena, it has all the same Game modes that PvP has and follows the same rules, it even grants similar amounts of experience and gives loot spots for a victory.

  • CO-OP is a PvE mode, meaning that one team is completely assembled of players, but enemy team is made of AI controlled bots.
  • Available for ranks 1-17.
  • In order to get into the mode, you need to click "Battle" and select "Skirmish (CO-OP)".
  • Gameplay is identical to the mode "PvP Arena".
  • Fighting players receive rewards.
  • The reward is 60% of the earnings experience and 100% of the earnings of credits in the "PvP Arena" mode.
  • The number of attempts to find resources after the battle in the Skirmish mode is 2. Players with a premium license receive two additional attempts.
  • Player rating in this mode is not calculated.
  • In this mode allowed wing of 8 players.
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