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The United Mercenary Center (UMC), or simply the Center, is one of the most influential organizations. It was created after the discovery of the Forerunner sectors. His initial task was to provide a base, an outpost, from which mercenaries and adventurers could go to uncharted sectors. On the same basis, they sold the artifacts found and entered into contracts with large organizations and influential people.

Later, the Center began to hire pilots for a permanent job, train them and issue tasks received from customers. It was then that a small base became an independent and powerful organization that oversees all mercenaries in the Forerunner sectors. In addition to huge discounts for mercenaries and partial payment for the production and maintenance of ships, the Center provides access to unique structures without ownership or ownership. Conducts promotions, discount weeks and other events that allow mercenaries to get ships and modules for almost nothing.

After the Invasion and the destruction of most of the worlds of mankind, the position of the Center has increased. No one really knows who runs the UMC. It is said that this is the advice of several influential people, former war heroes, generals, and prominent mercenaries. But everyone understands that having a huge influence and getting complete freedom of action, the army and an independent powerful production base that allows you to supply and maintain hundreds of ships, the Center, sooner or later, will present its ownership of the entire galaxy.

Features of Center ships

Unique ships of the new generation recreated by secret or lost technology.

Center (unique) ships


V - XV ECM.png Salyut-ST

XVI Recon.png Nordstorm


XVI Gunship.png Tornado


X Engineering.png Spiral

X Guard.png Endeavour

Papa Crab.png
XIII Engineering.png Papa Crab

Object NY18.png
V - XV Guard.png Object NY18

XVI Guard.png Naglfar


Black Ghost.png
XVI Suppressor.png Black Ghost