Depot 15

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Sector Former Imperial sectors
System Troy
Position Depot 15
PvE-mode Active
Zone difficulty Middle
Min. clearance level 7
Cargo drone No
Transitions to other locations 'Northstar' Crash Site, 'Huron' base, Ice Reef
The location is present in PvP Arena Yes
Gamemodes (PvP) PvP, CO-OP: Team battle, Domination
The location is present in Missions No


Object SCP-4615, known as “Depot 15” has long been considered an ordinary warehouse with mining equipment. However, recent investigations revealed that information about it was classified in the archives of the Empire and the Federation. The private agency that operated the facility no longer exists. All investigations about “Depot 15” were shut down in the early years of the invasion. Few reports indicate strange, unexplained anomalies, and pilots who have circled the site reported about severe headaches and hallucinations.

Location panorama

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