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The Freespace is the name of a carrier.


A strange signal was received from Sector 1881. Scientists eventually discovered that it was a Precursor signal. A dreadnought with scientists on-board was sent to investigate, but soon disappeared without sending any news. After a long debate, it was decided to send the most advanced ship among the different factions, with a team that included representatives of all three factions. The Armada carrier Freespace – the star of the Federation fleet, with a strong hull, absorbing any rays and multiple-duplicated computer systems, and able to resist anomaly bursts – was a perfect candidate for that task. The most skilled pilots from all sides of the conflict boarded that ship. The carrier was supposed report about their arrival to the sector a few days after hyper jump, but it had not. A day later, the Precursor signal faded. UFO then sealed all hyper gates to the sector and forbade further flights.

The borderland station from Sector 1883 that was closest to the mysterious Sector 1881 later reported about the arrival of a strange pilot who claimed he was as a member of the second expedition to Sector 1881 and that he knew what had happened.