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Missiles are the secondary weapons available on all type of ships. There are two types of missiles, homing and unguided. Homing missiles require the player to lock onto the target in order to fire (They can also be fired without locking-on and then follow the same rules as unguided) and can be avoided by using flares or dodging/weaving in and out of objects. Homing missiles are useful for longer ranges when Guns can't reach. Unguided require no lock-on and aren't affected by flares but are easily dodged at long range, but are useful for close-quarters.

Missiles are loaded in Cartridges. When you expend all of the missiles in your cartridge, it will begin reloading, which is a lengthy process.

Missiles are separated by ship class, with interceptors only able to mount small missiles, fighters medium and frigates large. In addition, there are special missile types that can only be used by certain roles.

Interceptor Missiles

Interceptors support small missiles, some guided and some unguided, and small mines.

Name Description Tiers Role Mk III
Small Missile Short range guided thermal missile 1+ Any Vangaurd.png
Piercing Missile Unguided kinetic rocket 2+ Any Techs.png
Plasma Missile Unguided EM rocket 2+ Any Wardens.png
Proximity Mine Static thermal mine that detonates when an enemy comes near 2+ Recon Armada.png
Inhibitor Unguided Missile Unguided rocket that slows the target down for several seconds and deals EM damage 3+ Recon Legion.png
Energy neutralizing missile Missile that detonates for EM damage, and leaves a 1000m radius energy draining field. 3+ ECM Vangaurd.png
Tactical Nuke Nuclear warhead that is dropped, then charges for 20 seconds before detonating for massive thermal damage 3+ Covert Ops

Fighter Missiles

Fighters support medium-sized racks of missiles.

Name Description Tiers Role Mk III
Standard Missile Medium range guided thermal missile. 1+ Any Armada.png
Armor-Piercing Missile Medium range guided kinetic missile. 3+ Any Techs.png
EM Missile Medium range guided EM missile. 2+ Any Legion.png
Slowing Missile Guided missile that does EM damage and leaves a 1000m slowing field 2+ Tackler Wardens.png
Ion-Warhead Missile Guided missile that does EM damage and disables the target's weapons and modules for a few seconds 3+ Command Raid.png
Firestorm Fires 5 unguided missiles in a burst 3+ Gunship

Frigate Missiles

Frigates support large missiles and various other devices.

Name Description Tiers Role Mk III
Cruise Missile Long range guided thermal missile. 1+ Any Wardens.png
Torpedo Unguided high damage EM rocket. 2+ Any Armada.png
Octopus Fire 5 guided kinetic missiles in a burst 3+ Any Techs.png
Minelayer Lays a large minefield that detonates up to 4 times for high thermal damage 2+ Long Range Vangaurd.png
Attack Drone Launches an automated attack drone that seeks out and attacks your current target 2+ Engineering Legion.png
Anomaly Generator Focus on a target for several seconds to generate an anomaly. If successful the anomaly explodes for massive damage. 3+ Guard