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ECM interceptors are designed to support other ships by disabling enemies, preventing them from attacking or defending themselves. ECM ships are tougher than other interceptors, and are the interceptor role most suited to front line combat. ECMs are designed to get in the way of enemy plans, by interrupting and disabling key targets in key moments, even though they have a lowest dmg output through main guns, they shine at eliminating targets by taking the initiative from opponents.

Jericho are the master minds behind ECMs, while Empire produces ECMs as a secondary role. Both factions have distinctively different ships by design and by core play - due to the fitting specifics, Jericho's are shield based and most of the time more agile, while Empire carries stronger punch with their native faction weapon damage bonuses, and relying on hull tanking for survival.


  • Additional shield generator and hull layer (+10% shield volume and hull strength)
  • Hacking program (+20% to the speed of capturing beacons / bombs)
  • Additional weapon coolers (+33.3% of time before the weapons overheated)
  • Small size (50% of additional shields and external incoming recovery)
  • Thin body (66.6% of explosive damage)

Main tasks:

  • Main force support during attack
  • Protection of vulnerable ships (engineers, destroyers, commanders, ships under repair) when attacking small enemy forces
  • Obstacle to the stable operation of the enemy ships
  • Capturing enemy autonomous systems


  • Maneuverable
  • Mobile
  • Large set of control effects
  • The strongest interceptor

Weak sides:

  • Low permanent damage
  • Inferior in maneuverability to other interceptors
  • Low strength


  • Effective against: Tacklers, Command and Destroyers
  • Weak against: Gunships and Engineering

Shows itself best when fighting in small groups of 2-3 ships

If you like to put enemies in an awkward position and destroy them with your own defensive systems with a smile, then this role is for you

Special Module

Metastable Energy Field Generator

Default special module of the ECM is the Metastable Energy Field Generator. It stops the ECM ship dead in space and renders it invulnerable for 6 seconds, after which it disables all nearby enemies for 2 seconds.

Some ECM ships have unique Special Modules.

Active Modules

- all

- unique and for premium ships of the same role

- Karud

- Zhen

- Dyrnwyn

- Caltrop

- Cor Vulnus

Ion Diffuser

The Ion Diffuser renders the target ship unable to fire or use modules as well as disabling some of already active effects, but still allows enemies to move.

Energy Absorber

The Energy Absorber drains energy from the target and transfers it to the ECM ship. This is double useful, because it reduces an enemy's ability to use modules, limits how much they can afterburn and dodge incoming fire, while replenishing all energy resources of an ECM.

Stasis Generator

The Stasis Generator completely stuns the target ship for a short duration, rendering them unable to move, fire or shoot. It is the most powerful disabling effect around after Metastable Energy Field Generator. Since the effect is fairly short and can be further reduced by enemies via special equipment, timing on when to use stasis must be perfect, pilot have to predict when there are friendlies have a good line of fire to unleash a burst on a disabled target, one of the highest recognition of elite ECM pilots is an ability to predict the fly path of highly maneuverable enemies and make them crush into object by well timed stasis (enemies maintain their forward speed under the stasis effect).

Weapon System Inhibitor

Greatly reduces the damage out put of the single targets, keep in mind that it only reduces main weapon dmg, not the damage done via missiles or active modules, requiters a high energy upkeep and clear line of sight on the target. Best used on the ships that rely on the dmg output through main guns, like Destroyers or Gunships.

System Hack

Hacks enemy deplyable objects like mine fields, repair stations, micro locators and attack drones in the large area around the ECM, taking over their control and using them against their owners.

Repair system sabotage

Gives immunity to negative effects and speed boost. Reduces enemies' regeneration.

Player Opinion and Gameplay

Easily the most hated role, ECM (Electronic Counter Measure) Interceptors are perfect for players who want to cause havoc among enemy ships. While still being an interceptor, with low health and mediocre damage, the ECM is the best interceptor suited to front-line combat. Be cautious around Gunships, since they can get the "Combat Reboot" that negates all of your effects for a few seconds... which is all a skilled gunship pilot needs to destroy you!