PvE mission «Brain drain»

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Brain drain-pve.png


Sector: Neutral sectors
System: Artuga
Min. clearance level: 1
Ship ranks: 1-17


Recently, New Empire scouts found a breach in Artuga's defences. They took the opportunity and launched a raid, causing a full-scale massacre and turned the pirate station into ruins. They left, leaving the surviving pirates to die on their station.

The scientists trapped at the station ask for help and immediate evacuation. Doctor Le Vasseur, responsible for building and fortifying many of Artuga bases, is especially valuable.

The doctor is convinced that the pirates would rather bury their secrets in deep space than rescue the scientists. That's why he is afraid for his life. Mercenaries will have to provide assistance in the evacuation.


There is only one stage. Be careful, in case of loss of all ships, the mission will be failed.

Enemies appear infinitely in small groups after the destruction of the previous group, as well as during each subtask. Selected randomly from several types.

3 powerful pirate destroyers appear during the mission.

Tasks depend on your actions:

PvE mission «Brain drain» (tasks).png

Tactical map

PvE mission «Brain drain» (map).jpg

Mission panorama

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