PvE mission «Operation 'Monolith'»

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Sector: Former Jericho sectors
System: Antaress
Location: Monolith Remains
Min. clearance level: 8
Ship ranks: 1-17


Customers of the Broker, who wishto remain anonymous, pay credits to all pilots who will provide orbital support to ground operations for breaking into the Monolith. According to operational data, someone had organized a secret center for studying alien artifacts in the depths of the Monolith ruins. Including prohibited artifacts obtained from the Morag system.

The special mercenary group ‘Huron’ must infiltrate the facility, seize the control post and prevent the removal of artifacts and data from the system.

Unfortunately, the data about the artifacts of AAA class in the Monolith Ruins may have fallen into the hands of cybers. According to some reports, they are planning a massive attack on the dead city in the next few hours.


The stage is only one. Be careful, in case of loss of all ships, the mission will be failed.

Enemies appear infinitely in small groups after the destruction of the previous group, as well as during each subtask. Selected randomly from several types.

Tasks depend on your actions:

PvE mission «Operation 'Monolith'» (tasks).png

Tactical map

PvE mission «Operation 'Monolith'» (map).jpg

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