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Suppressor.png Destroyer is a huge and powerful ship, that deals a lot of damage. Terrible enemies of other classes of ships at long range, capable of supporting their team with dense fire and special abilities. For their power and range destroyers pay high vulnerability in melee and additional damage from the loss of modules. Their modules are so large that they are installed only outside. Because of this, they can be knocked down and cause additional damage to the destroyer. Also, the ship has a complex structure, for this reason it is easier to find vulnerable points in its structure and quickly destroy with aimed fire. True, the enemies can take advantage of this vulnerability only at a very close distance.

For effective control of such a large ship, destroyers are equipped with a special control system that allows you to switch between the control of the weapons and the engine right during the battle.


  • Additional weapon turrets (the destroyer has 12 weapons, but at the same time can fire with only 8)
  • On-board fire (maximum fire of 8 weapons is achieved when attacking from a ship)
  • Huge size (+ 150% to the volume of the hull and shield size in relation to the frigates)
  • Huge weight (-80% to the speed of strafe and -33% to the maximum speed in relation to the frigates)
  • Complicated construction (+150% damage to the ship from enemies at a distance closer than 1000 m.)
  • A large number of electronics (-45% protection against the effects of control)
  • External modules (if the module is lost, the ship receives additional serious damage, 5-15% of the hull volume for each module, damage is specified in the module description and applied with a multiplier of 2,5)
  • Expensive operation (maintenance of the ship, its repair and purchase of ammunition, costs several times more expensive than ordinary ships)
  • Huge size (125% of additional shields and external incoming recovery)
  • Very large body (175% of explosive damage)

Main tasks:

  • Pushing the enemy defense
  • Massive sweep of the strategic point


  • High permanent damage
  • Tremendous strength
  • Powerful modules of mass destruction

Weak sides:

  • Low mobility
  • Vulnerability in melee
  • Huge vulnerability to control effects.


  • Strong against: Command, Engineering, Tacklers and Guard
  • Weak against: Covert Ops and ECM

It shows itself best in long-range attacks from a safe distance. Needs the protection of allies.

If you like huge, powerful, slaughter ships and are ready to play as a team, then this role is for you.

Special Module

Energy router

Reroutes energy flow in ship systems. Allows to select between max speed, weapon damage or restoring shield volume.

Spatial stabilizer

Upon activation ship is fixing its position for 2 s. Weapon damage is increased by 55% and range is increased by 10%. For 14 rank destroyers.

14, 17 rank destroyers, Black Ghost and Ze'Ta also have unique Special Modules.

Active modules

Plasma turret icon.png Blaster turret icon.png Multiphase shield icon.png Pyro emitter icon.png Wormhole projector icon.png Gravitational lens icon.png Tempest launcher icon.png Repelling beam icon.png Photon emitter icon.png Hybrid missile icon.png Devastator beam.jpg Landing platform.jpg Main caliber.jpg - all

Destabilizing field icon.png - Sirius

Isotope Harvester.png - Tyrant

Remote minelayer.png - Vigilant

Cluster torpedo.jpg - Relic

Gyges microwave emitter.jpg - Emperor

Autonomous barrier torpedo.jpg - Albireo

Swarm control.jpg Jump system "Kapkan".jpg Crystalline suppressor.jpg - Ze'Ta

Plasma Turret

Automatic weapon specifically designed for suppressor class destroyers. In standby mode it can automatically lock onto targets and open fire on them in the affected area. Its destructive power is based on electromagnetic damage. In active mode, damage is three times higher. Active range is more than four kilometers. An indispensable weapon for hitting multiple targets at short and medium distances.

Blaster Turret

Versatile combat module for suppressor class destroyers. Automatically fires at all enemies within a radius of two kilometers. Each charge deals of thermal damage. In automatic mode, it supports the rate of fire of 90 rounds per minute. In active mode, the rate of fire is doubled, and the charges become explosive. Recharging the module takes about 25 seconds. Recommended for installation on all suppressor class destroyers.

Multiphase shield

Versatile dual-mode module for suppressor class destroyers. In passive mode increases shield resistances by 41 pts. Active mode increases the resistance bonus to 145 points. In active mode, the module is able to sustain activity for 8 seconds. After that it requires recharging capacitors for about 34 seconds. Experienced pilots will no doubt be using this module constantly.

Pyro Emitter

Combat module for suppressor class destroyers. Pumps a cloud of charged particles that then ignites and deals huge thermal damage to all enemy ships in range. The module is incredibly effective against slow, stationary and group targets. Requires a significant energy charge. Reloading is also quite long — about 31 seconds.

Wormhole projector

A transportation module for suppressor class destroyers. Projects a wormhole flying in selected direction. Repeat activation or the wormhole traversing a certain range makes the ship pass through the wormhole. Maximum range of a jump is 5000 meters. This allows you to quickly and unpredictably move across the battlefield. The module requires a lot of time to recharge and does not allow the destroyer to use this feature. We only recommend using it if you’re an experienced pilot, able to effectively monitor and use all the destroyer’s features.

Gravitational Lens

Combat module for suppressor class destroyers. Summons a deadly gravitational anomaly attracting all ships in a 2200 m. radius. Pull speed up to 135 meters per second. Damages hulls of all ships closer than 1100 m. to the anomaly. In anomaly's eye with a 40 m. radius the damage is up to 7000 per second. It’s a very powerful combat module, that’s very effective against tight enemy groups. Has high energy requirements and long reloading times.

'Tempest' Launcher

Automatic combat module for suppressor class destroyers. Launches a volley of 20 homing missiles that hit targets in a 25 degree cone. Each missile deals more than 3000 pts. of thermal damage. Has active range of up to 5000 meters. One target can be hit by no more than two missiles simultaneously. It takes time to reload the launcher. It’s very effective in fights against multiple targets moving in a tight group.

Repelling Beam

Suppressor class destroyer active module. Produces a special beam of nanoparticles, which pushes enemies away in its direction. The closer the target, the stronger the effect. The target's hull loses durability.

Photon Emitter

Combat module for suppressor class destroyers, creates a stream of active particles. The compact particle cloud can traverse up to 10 000 m. Upon explosion creates a zone of unstable space. Affected ships lose 40 pts. of hull resistance to EM damage, and the effect stacks. Space becomes stable in 25 s.

Hybrid missile

Launches a missile with a hybrid warhead. After the detonation, a drone activates at the detonation point and deals damage to enemies in range.

Devastator beam

It shoots a beam at a long distance. A destructive zone forms at the place of its entry. Enemies who have been there receive damage, and small objects are destroyed.

Landing platform

Allows allied ships to land or can be used as a platform for an attack drone. Guest can't use modules but receive weapon boost in damage and range and hull repairing. Host receives shield and energy regeneration.

Main caliber

An incredibly powerful thermal weapon, that shoots 2 explosive shells.

Destabilizing Field

Unique for Sirius. Active destroyer module. Upon hitting an enemy inflicts damage until the ship slows down. The target and nearby ships take damage and have their engine control systems destabilized. While the target flies faster than 30% of max. speed, it receives additional DPS.

Isotope Harvester

Unique for Tyrant. A special drone generates a field with 500 m. radius. The drone begins to approach the destroyer at a given rate, dealing damage to all enemies who get in the field. The damage is greater against the enemies closer to the drone. Upon arrival to the ship the drone recovers shields proportionally to the damage caused.

Remote minelayer

Unique for Vigilant. Produces a self-propelled mine activated with a collision or on a timer. After activation the mine is invisible. Triggers if the target is moving away from it within a detonation radius of 500 meters or after 120 seconds.

Cluster torpedo

Unique for Relic. Unguided torpedo. When it explodes, it scatters mines, which, with a certain timer, detonate near enemy ships. Ships caught in the blast radius of the warheads become invisible to hostile radars for 3 seconds and cannot capture targets themselves.

Gyges microwave emitter

Unique for Emperor. Makes the player’s ship invisible, the speed of the ship increases. Shooting, launching missiles and using modules removes the effect.

Autonomous barrier torpedo

Unique for Albireo. Launches an unguided torpedo that launches drones. Drones scatter over a sphere of a certain radius and become inactive. Ships that come within sensor range of the drone will trigger its activation.

Swarm control

Unique for Ze'Ta. Gives the pilot control over the destroyer's crystalline swarm. The damage from the swarm increases during this time, and hull of the ship is repaired.

Jump system "Kapkan"

Unique for Ze'Ta. The ship jumps forward. All those who were near him find themselves trapped for a few seconds and can't move.

Crystalline suppressor

Unique for Ze'Ta. Produces large crystalline projectiles that deal damage to enemies and repair allies' hulls.

Player opinion and Gameplay

  • Strong offencive active modules, but they require micromanagement due to line of sight of each module and they can be destroyed after your shields are gone, or if small interceptor flew under your shields and damaged them directly, for example with plasma arc.
  • Vulnerable to explosive weapons like coil mortair - static shield is not far enough from the hull to prevent explosion dmg, rendering it pretty much useless in such situations.
  • Fly controls are considerably harder than regular ship, requires a lot of micromanagement and situational awareness.
  • High energy consumption for Afterburners, high energy consumption by active modules and low base energy regeneration forces the pilot to pay more attention to energy management than in a 'standard' ship.
  • Considerably longer re spawn time than regular ships and higher repair costs, deaths are more punishing.
  • Try to avoid charge through the center - you will be exposed to enemy fire from different sides, making maintaining Static shields a next to impossible task and will distract you from doing dps pew pew, always try to have enemies shoot at you from same directions, avoid being surrounded. On Fed and Jericho, implant 7-3 (bottom, energy for taking dmg in shields) is a very good source of unlimited energy, making you next to capped while perma AB in the combat so you always can use any of you still alive modules at will, and able to spam Static Shield by CD.