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Sector: Former Federation sectors
System: Olympus
Location: Colonization Hub
Min. clearance level: 4
Ship ranks: 1-17


Mercenaries! Peaceful worlds are under threat! Pirates are attacking the sectors defense infrastructure. General population is helpless. You are our last hope and line of defense! Attention! We managed to intercept and decrypt the attackers' transmissions. But it's just gibberish. Looks like they're on drugs, completely out of their minds. Be ready for anything. Intel suggests someone else is behind the attacks on sectors. Somebody is luring these madmen to us, coordinating their every step. Maybe it's someone even more dangerous than we thought. Remember, millions of lives depend on you!

Your squad has to battle through 5 waves of different enemies in just one stage. Bonuses are scattered around after each wave and function as a group buff, a repair kit that can repair your team's ship hulls at high rates and a damage boost that increases the damage output of your entire team by 50% for 12 seconds.

The types of enemies players will encounter


Ship model is a Reaper, this ship doesn't fire any conventional main weapons, only Octopus missiles. They are unguided missiles that deal kinetic damage at high velocity, the missiles can be taken down by the missile shield or avoided with basic evading maneuvers.


Ship model is a Blood Tormentor, it fires piercing EM projectiles with high damage, low velocity and a high firerate, caution is advised!


Ship model is a Chiron, it can fire only its disintegrator at a higher firerate and distance than the ordinary one. They can't move unless they are pushed.


Ship model is a Jericho frigate, it has a static shield that protects the front of the ship, hence its name. The ship has a Shrapnel cannon with high damage output and very high firerate, they have a slow turning speed and are easy targets. The static shield protects them from all damage except from explosive weapons such as the Coil Mortar and piercing weapons such as the Singularity Cannon.


Ship model is a Wakizashi, its a kamikaze type of NPC dealing damage by triggering its reactor overload causing to self-destruct and deal high amounts of thermal damage. They are very fragile ships and can be taken down easily and safe from distance with explosive weapons like the Coil Mortar. A single Demoman isn't particularly dangerous but in high numbers they can take down any unsuspecting ship.


Ship model is an Apollo, it uses plasma arcs that deal AoE thermal damage but only in short range. They are fast and very weak ships that any weapon can one-shot them, much like the Demomans, they will try to get close to you dealing lots of thermal damage, but not as much as the Demomans. A pulsar or a mine field can fend them off as well.


Ship model is a Dragon, it has extreme hull tankyness compared to its shield, pulsar at short range that is always active and uses an explosive EM weapon with a high firerate, low velocity and high damage output.

The Cruiser

A unique, extremely tanky and dangerous ship, also the last ship a player will battle against in this mission. The goal is to stop it from reaching the destination point, its health bar is displayed on top of the screen like a boss battle. It has a large pool of hitpoints and uses turrets with different damage types and properties. The best method is to start by destroying its engines from a distance, it is not advised to stay behind the engines while doing so because both intact and destroyed, the engines deal continuous damage to the player at close distance. Destroying the engines will reduce its speed considerably leaving enough time to kill it. Destroying the turrets will deal extra damage to the Cruiser, that damage and the overall difficulty vary throughout the tiers.


It is recommended to use a destroyer, frigate or a fighter, using a interceptor might prove to be very difficult as a little mistake can kill you. Best ship classes for the mission are gunships (any), suppressor class, Empire LRFs and the covert ops (any). The recommended weapons are the Coil Mortar and the Singularity Cannon as well as the the Phase Suppressor. This mission is much like Fire Support, the single difference is that the NPCs are somewhat less tankier and that players have to fly a lot so slow ships could have a hard time completing this mission.


Tactical map

PvE mission «Defence Contract» (map).jpg

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