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Type: Special module

For ship: Spiral Role engineer.png


Undocks the MiG-105 ship, ensures its invulnerability for 2 s. and transfers control to it.
The carrier vehicle explodes 3 s. after undocking. When the effect ends, a backup carrier vehicle can be called Docking.png.

MiG-105 technical characteristics

  • Weapon, ammo, modifiers, implants: from frigate
  • Missile slot: unavailable
  • Modules: Hyperwarp leap, 'Shadow' mine
  • Hull: 5205 pts.
  • Shield: 3100 pts.
  • Energy: 322 en.
  • Speed: 475 m/s
  • Afterburner: 570 m/s


  • Energy consumption: 300 en.
  • Recharge: 45 s.


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