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The main weapon of the ship are the guns mounted in the mobile turrets (stationary for the bow ones).

  • On the Interceptors 2 guns are installed.
  • On the Fighters 4 guns are installed.
  • On the Frigates 4 guns are installed (with the exception of Long-Range Frigates - 6 guns and Object NY18 - 8 guns).
  • On the Destroyers 12 guns are installed (shoot maximum 8).

Depending on the type of damage, the weapons are:

  • Kinetic. Do kinetic damage. Especially dangerous for the hull of the ship.
  • Electromagnetic. EM damage is dealt. Especially dangerous for the shield of the ship.
  • Thermal. Causes thermal damage. They damage equally well the shield and the hull of the ship. Many thermal weapons are lasers - they do not require advance when shooting.

Each gun of the ship shoots independently. Thus, the maximum cumulative damage inflicted by the weapons of a ship is obtained by multiplying the damage of a single gun by the total number of guns of the ship.

If the weapon fires from each gun consistently, then the damage per second and the rate of fire will vary in proportion to the number of firing guns, and the damage per shot of such weapon will not depend on their number.

If the weapon shoots all the guns at the same time, then the damage per second and per shot will depend on the number of guns, and their rate of fire will not affect.


The player performs aiming with a sight marker, which moves around the screen with the mouse. Since any ship has several guns, they all aim at one point, called the “aiming point”. The distance from the ship to the aiming point is determined as follows:

  • If there are no objects under the gun, then the aiming point is at a great distance.
  • If at the sight there is any object of the scene (ship, asteroid, etc.), then the aiming point is placed on the surface of the object.
  • If the object of the scene is not at gunpoint, but near, then the aiming point is placed next to this object.


Shooting is carried out by pressing the appropriate button. When shooting, the shot hits not the aiming point, but in some area around it - there is a scatter. The magnitude of the spread is set as the maximum angle of deflection of the shot from the axis of aiming. The probability of hitting a shot at a specific point within the spread region is determined by the normal distribution.

The fire does not consume the energy stored in the capacitor of the ship (except for some unique guns). The firing time is limited by the parameter Overheating, the time from overheating to the possibility of resuming firing is indicated by the parameter Cooling.

List of weapons

Common weapons are available for installation on all ships of the appropriate class and role.

Weapons being unique and for premium ships of the same role (experimental) can only be installed on certain ships purchased for Currency credits.png, and on all premium ships of the same role of a suitable rank.

Unique weapons can be installed only on the ship for which they were created.

Weapons by 'Ellydium' technologies can be installed on alien ships, and some - on human ships of suitable role.


Beam Cannon 5 Beam Cannon 8 Beam Cannon 12 Beam Cannon 17

Pulse Laser 7 Pulse Laser 11 Pulse Laser 14 Pulse Laser 17 Pirate Pulse Laser 17

Ion Emitter 9 Ion Emitter 13 Ion Emitter 17 Pirate Ion Emitter 17

Heavy Blaster 9 Heavy Blaster 13 Heavy Blaster 17 / Pirate Heavy Blaster 17

Phase Suppressor 12 Phase Suppressor 17

Gravi-Beamer 11 Gravi-Beamer 14 Gravi-Beamer 17

Destructor 14 Destructor 17

Meson Cannon 11 Meson Cannon 14 Meson Cannon 17

Thilith Beam gun.png

Breach Laser 12

Unique and for premium ships of the same role

Focusing Laser 14

Thi'Es beam.jpg

Thermal energy burner.jpg

Homing laser.jpg

Energy smite.jpg

Guided thermosphere.jpg

Branching laser.jpg

Multiphase laser.jpg


Focusing Laser 6

WL13 Emitter gun.png

Vacuum resonance laser.png

Overheating laser.jpg

Doppler Laser.jpg


Aim-assisted cannon.jpg


Le Claire cannon.jpg

Emitter ML-V2.jpg

Thermo-launcher TL-5.jpg

Breach Laser 17

Minelayer 'Sower'.jpg

Blaster weapon 'Barred owl'.jpg


Weapon 'Sonex spear'.jpg


Излучатель WL 13-EL.jpg


Assault Railgun 2 Assault Railgun 5 Assault Railgun 8 Assault Railgun 12 Assault Railgun 17

Shrapnel Cannon 8 Shrapnel Cannon 12 Shrapnel Cannon 17 Pirate Shrapnel Cannon 17

Coil Mortar 8 Coil Mortar 12 Coil Mortar 17 Boarding Coil Mortar 17

Gauss Cannon 6 Gauss Cannon 9 Gauss Cannon 13 Gauss Cannon 17 Pirate Gauss Cannon 17

Mass Driver 11 Mass Driver 14 Mass Driver 17

Kinetic Supercharger 12 Kinetic Supercharger 17

Railgun Heavy Icon.png

Coilgun 11 Coilgun 14 Coilgun 17


Vulcan 6 Vulcan 9 Vulcan 13 Vulcan 17

Unique and for premium ships of the same role


Light coil mortar.jpg

Railgun Heavy Icon.png

Railgun Heavy Icon.png

'Dazzler' railgun.jpg

Railgun Heavy Icon.png

'Draccar' nanobot colony.jpg

Recoil-compensated cannon.jpg

MIRV launcher.jpg


Nailer gun.png

Drone Marker.png

Quantum Railgun.jpg

Thermoactive weapon.png


“Thanatos” railgun.jpg

Drone operator "RepK-2".jpg

Heavy Gauss-cannon G2.jpg

Omega-B missile launcher.jpg

Hand of Helheim.jpg

'Thunderbolt' launcher.jpg

Shrapnel cannon 'Punisher'.jpg

Kinetic weapon 'Ripper'.jpg

Kinetic Supercharger 12.jpg

Weapon “S-5607 Tide”.jpg

Missile module 'Trinity'.jpg


Tai'thaq mini.jpg

Thar'kth cannon.jpg

Waz'Dum 8 Waz'Dum 12 Waz'Dum 17

Th'ak'Len 9 Th'ak'Len 12 Th'ak'Len 17

"Kai" fission launcher.jpg


Plasma Gun 5 Plasma Gun 8 Plasma Gun 12 Plasma Gun 17

RF Blaster 9 RF Blaster 13 RF Blaster 17 / Pirate RF Blaster 17

Positron Cannon 7 Positron Cannon 11 Positron Cannon 14 Positron Cannon 17 Pirate Positron Cannon 17

Singularity Cannon 4 Singularity Cannon 7 Singularity Cannon 11 Singularity Cannon 14 Singularity Cannon 17 / Pirate Singularity Cannon 17

Flux Phaser 8 Flux Phaser 12 Flux Phaser 17

Phaser 14 Phaser 17

Turbophaser DN-1.jpg

'Eclipse' Launcher 12 'Eclipse' Launcher 17

Scatter Gun 14 Scatter Gun 17

'Halo' Launcher 11 'Halo' Launcher 14 'Halo' Launcher 17

G'Thar'Du Cannon.png

Dagtnith gun.png

Fuse Blaster.jpg

Unique and for premium ships of the same role

Plasma minigun.jpg

Plasmer 11

Front blaster.jpg

Bow EM laser.jpg

'Tracer' plasma gun.jpg

Plasma Devastator.jpg

EM Dissolvers.jpg


Overclocked blaster gun.png

Harpoon Plasma Launcher gun.png

Torch launcher gun.png

Torch launcher gun.png

Plasmagun Heavy Icon.png

Compression railgun.jpg

Energy discharger.jpg

‘Ignis’ blaster.jpg

Accelerator Gun.jpg

Disorient gun.jpg

Plasma Discharger.jpg

Echo cannon.jpg


EMR-3 launcher.jpg

Mk-3 plasma gun.jpg

Shrapnel weapon "Bear claw".jpg

Plasmer 17

'Fort-4' launcher.jpg

'Langmuir' launcher.jpg

Weapon “Plasma inductor”.jpg


Thar'Ga'tok launcher.jpg

'T'Har'Ok' beamer.jpg

'Tai'al' launcher.jpg


Plasma burster.jpg