PvE mission 'Operation «Crimson Haze»'

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Sector: Former Jericho sectors
System: Solaris
Location: Abandoned Outpost
Min. clearance level: 6
Ship ranks: 1-17


Even before the Invasion, Cybers in the Solaris system captured a large mining center of our Family. Using its power, they built something resembling a radar station. And they protected all of their buildings with both force fields and numerous automatic turrets.

Despite the fact that the first alien attack to hit the Jericho sectors was exactly in the Solaris system, all the buildings of Cybers remained intact and still work!

We have evidence that it was from there that the cybers helped open the first portals for Crystallids. Therefore, it is paramount to capture the object. Unfortunately, the forces of the Mendez family were significantly thinned by the war. Now we are trying to regain control of the mining center by attracting mercenaries for this operation.


To complete the mission, you must complete a sequence of goals. The mission supervisor is Orlando Hector.

Goal №1 - Destroy the main gate blocker.

Goal №2 - Blow up the defense outposts (2) to gain access to the base.
Outposts are protected by Cyber turrets shooting EM projectiles with a slow firerate, medium velocity and high damage.

Goal №3 - Disable the power controller inside the asteroid.

Goal №4 - Start the generators (2) to power the station.
Generators are protected by Cyber turrets shooting EM projectiles with a slow firerate, medium velocity and high damage.

Goal №5 - Destroy Cyber transports (3).
You can build turrets, similar to the Cyber turrets, they deal a high amount of EM damage which will prove itself useful in destroying the cargo ships at a faster pace.

Goal №6 - Destroy signal suppressors (2).
Suppressors are hidden in asteroid.

Goal №7 - Destroy next transports with cybers (3), building turrets in special points.

Throughout the mission:

  • Player at all stages - Constant hull and shield regeneration (40 pts. every 1 s.).
  • Enemies - Appear in infinitely small groups at intervals.


There are Cybers that shoot singularity spheres that are red and deal high EM damage, it's highly recommended to evade the projectiles. Turrets can be taken out easily by exploiting their blindspot which is under the platform they are on. Using a Coil Mortars will help players to take out the turrets easier as they can hit them even under their platforms where they cannot fire. Beware of the Cybers, it is a good idea to use EM weapons against them if possible. For the second stage, usage of Recons is recommended due to their faster beacon capture ability, as for the last stage, it is best to use a fast but high damage output ship. Taking damage wont interrupt players from building the turrets and the building process can be sped up if more players stay near the turret platform to build it, teamwork is important!


Tactical map

Mission panorama

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