'Attractor' missile

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'Attractor' missile

'Attractor' missile

Type: Unguided missile

Available ranks: 13 - 17.

At a distance of up to 600 m., attracts everyone to the epicentre of the missile explosion at a speed of 500 m/sec, then blows everyone up, dealing 2000 of EM damage.

The more enemies are affected by the anomaly, the greater the amount of damage it deals to them.

Cost: awarded in the 'UMC archives: Fire of love' event.
Can be picked up from destroyed enemies in zones Captured Dreadnought, 'Blackwood' Shipyard, Pandora Anomaly, 'Poseidon' Complex and Transport Hub.

Damage dealt
to small objects/interceptors/fighters/frigates/destroyers
13-17 ranks: 1050 / 4620 / 7000 / 8750 / 12250 dmg.

For ship type

Flight speed:
13-17 ranks: 1000 m/s

Deals EM damage
Explosion radius: 300 m.
Flight range: 3500 m.
Trigger radius: 100 m.
Recharge: 10 s.
Charges in cartridge: 3 pcs.
Cartridge reloading time: 120 s.

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