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Attention: Atlas may refer to the Atlas (ship).

Pilot's atlas is a pilot profile section, which shows his progress in game.

Here you can see all ships, weapons, active and passive modules, that pilot has and can get.

Ships from DLC-packs are not included in atlas, and clearance points aren't counted for them.

Modifiers, bought for GS.png, are also not included.

View of Atlas with ship list


  • 1. Pilot's nickname and his corporation.
  • 2. Current pilot's clearance level.
  • 3. Clearance points. If more, than needed for upping level, excess is written.
  • 4. List of ship roles. By hovering the cursor, main tasks of this role ships are shown.
  • 5. Search by ship name.
  • 6. Owned ship. By clicking you can see it. By hovering the cursor, you can see its characteristics.
  • 7. So elite ships are signed. If ship isn't elite, his experience level is shown. 'Ellydium' ships instead of experience level have number of opened nodes.
  • 8. Not owned ship. By clicking on it you can see its characteristics, eqiupment while buying and buy/manufacture it if you have possibility and resources.
  • 9. Number of pilot's ships. Here DLC-ships are included.

View of Atlas with equipment list


  • 1. Switch between weapons, active and passive (modifiers) modules.
  • 2. Researched equipment.
  • 3. Version (Mk.1 - Mk.5) of equipment. Duplicated by frame and number colour.
  • 4. So full pumped equipment is signed. By hovering the cursor, you can see its characteristics.
  • 5. Not researched equipment. By clicking on it, you can see additional information about how to get it.
  • 6. Number of researched technologies.