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All pilots — both beginners and experienced veterans, who thoroughly know all the features of the game, will constantly improve their level. Progress through the levels happens in the form of a story campaign, covering a variety of game modes. Reaching a new level gives the pilot additional opportunities — new game modes, more powerful ships, weapons, modules. By raising his level the pilot also gets access to new locations in the ‘Open Space’ mode.

Pilot's clearance level increases after reaching a certain amount of clearance points. There are 25 levels available. Points can be obtained in the following ways:

1. - Develop your fleet!
Upgrade all ships to the maximum level. For each new ship level, the pilot receives 20 clearance points.
Activate as many available nodes as possible in the Ellydium ship development tree. For each unlocked node, the pilot receives 20 clearance points.

2. - Upgrade active modules, weapons and modifiers!
For obtaining an Mk.1 module, the pilot receives 5 points.
For upgrading to Mk.2, the pilot receives 10 points.
For upgrading to Mk.3, the pilot receives 15 points.
For upgrading to Mk.4, the pilot receives 20 points.
For upgrading to Mk.5, the pilot receives 25 points.
You can only get points for each new module once.

3. - Earn achievements!
Earn points for each achievement unlocked in the game. The amount of points is indicated in the achievement's description.

Clearance level required for different unlocks

3: Tasks, Crew 'Alpha'

4: PvP Arena

5: Custom Battle, Brawl PvP modes

6: Workshop

7: Tournament, Special Ops, Conquest (dreadnought battles), factions Ellydium and UMC

10: "Portals"

12: 4-th combat slot

15: Crews 'Bravo', 'Charlie', 'Delta', title 'Free Hunter', ship preset saving bar

20: Title 'Captain'

25: Title 'Commander'

Also, different Missions and Open Space locations are opened at different clearance levels.

How to get a higher clearance level

Clearance level is the player's progress in the game unlocking new opportunities. To increase your level you need to earn clearance points and complete tasks in the 'Campaign' section.

Clearance points required to lvl up

Level Points required for the next lvl Points required (total)
1 0 0
2 200 200
3 400 600
4 600 1200
5 800 2000
6 1000 3000
7 1200 4200
8 1400 5600
9 1600 7200
10 1800 9000
11 2000 11000
12 2200 13200
13 2500 15700
14 3000 18700
15 3500 22200
16 4000 26200
17 4500 30700
18 5000 35700
19 5500 41200
20 6000 47200
21 6500 53700
22 8000 61700
23 9000 70700
24 10000 80700
25 12500 93200

Points from leveling up non-premium ships

Number of ships
Experience levels Empire Federation Jericho Total number of ships Total experience levels
5 2 2 2 6 30
6 2 3 3 8 48
7 3 3 3 9 63
8 7 6 6 19 152
9 11 11 13 35 315
10 28 28 25 81 810
Total experience levels: 1418
Total clearance points from experience levels: 28360


Rank is gained with factions by buying their ships. Your rank with each faction is simply the highest rank ship you own in a faction. Gaining ranks unlocks new implants.


There are several currencies in the game that can be used to purchase ships and equipment including: Credits, Galactic Standards and Iridium.

The far upper-right of the hangar screen shows the player's amount of currency. This player has several million credits and a Basic license.


Credits are the main in-game currency, and are earned through combat and completing missions. PvP will give some credits, and PvE will give much more. Credits are used to buy non-Premium ships and to manufacture various materials in the Workshop. Credits can also be purchased with Galactic Standards through the Exchange.

Galactic Standards

Galactic Standards (GS) are the premium currency in the game and is purchased with real life money. They are used to buy Premium ships and many other purposes. A number of Galactic Standards can be obtained by completing in-game tasks and by trading.


Iridium is earned by looting. It is very valuable currency.

Ships and Experience

Experience progression bar, shows the amount of experience a ship has.

The main type of advancement through the game is buying and upgrading ships. Non-Premium ships (or "Credit ships") are bought with Credits and are upgraded via Experience. Before you can buy a ship you must earn enough experience with one of its prerequisite ships to unlock it. Premium ships are bought with Galactic Standards and do not require a specific prerequisite. Premium Ships also come with maxed-out experience, meaning that when you fly the ship you gain +20% free experience for all ships to use.

Once you own a ship, you can upgrade it by earning experience. Experience is a measure of your proficiency in a particular ship. By flying a ship you will earn experience points for that ship. When you gain enough experience points, you can spend it in the ship fitting screen to level up that ship. In addition to experience with a particular ship you will also earn a small amount of "free" experience, that can be used to level up any ship.

The higher your level in a ship, the better it will perform, gaining a small increase in statistics across the board and some bonuses. Once you gain maximum experience level in a ship the spare experience can be transferred to another ship by paying Galactic Standards. Gaining maximum experience with a ship will also add one to your "Fleet strength", which will increase chance of getting second bundle free.

Specialized Vessels

Special Project ships are vessels that become available once the player reaches 5 clearance level. They are meant to be able to fill various different roles all in one ship, conforming to a player's needs. Destroyers are similar to these ships except they are more for group play versus individual. These too must be manufactured. On the other hand, the player can purchase Premium Ships which are vessels that have bonus stats and special modules. Premium Ships also are already experience maxed, giving +20% free experience when used in battle. Components for Premium Ships can be obtained in battle from playing in PvP and PvE modes.


Equipment bar of a ship, allows the player to edit and upgrade the ship's equipment and modules.

Equipment are materials and components used on ships that can be upgrade for better stats. Each piece of equipment is rank as a "Mark (Mk.)" and in order to upgrade it to the next Mk., the player requires credits.


Modules are ship systems that can be upgraded. Mk.4 modules can only be upgraded to Mk.5 after the upgrade is manufactured in the Workshop.