Emergency landing

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Emergency landing

Type: Special module

For ship: Pilgrim Role command.png


On 23 s. the ship lands down on the surface, the distance to which should be no more than 500 m. The landing angle should be no more than 45 degrees.
If the module is activated far from the surface, landing waiting mode Landing waiting.png is activated: when the ship is near surface, it will land immediately.
For the duration of the module, the shield is activated with the strength of 30000 pts., the damage, range and projectile speed of the main weapon is increased by 30%. Additionally heals main shield by 2500 pts./sec.
When the shield durability or active time expires, the ship takes off. Takeoff recovers 2500 hull pts. for 4 s. and gives invulnerability for 1,5 s.


  • Energy consumption: 150 en.
  • Recharge: 18 s.

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