Explosive drones

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Explosive drones
Explosive drones

Type: Special module

For ship: Thrasher


Every 35 s. produces drones with 4100 durability pts., no more than 4 at a time.
When the module is activated, one of the drones is directed towards the selected enemy or in the direction of the sight.
Upon reaching the target, the drone self-destructs and with a probability of 70% arranges an explosion with a radius of 400 m., causing 8000 pts. of thermal damage to all enemies in the affected area.
In passive mode, the drone attacks the selected target or the nearest enemy if it is within the range of the drone's firing range. Dron damage depends on the level of the main weapon installed on the ship.


  • Drone: DPS (thermal): 477 dmg./s.
  • Drone: damage (thermal): 286 dmg.
  • Drone: rate of fire: 100 rounds/min
  • Drone: weapon range (max.): 3000 m.
  • Drone: projectile speed: 3200 m/s
  • Drone: durability: 4100 pts.
  • Drones: 4 pcs.
  • Drone: range: 3500 m.
  • Drone: max. speed: 650 m/s
  • Drone: maneuverability: 65 deg/s
  • Drone activation preparaion time: 35 s.
  • Energy consumption: 300 en.
  • Recharge: 3 s.

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