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General information

In the game there are several sides of the conflict - factions - with which you can interact.

Each side of the conflict has its own set of ships with unique capabilities.

The player can at any time buy any available ships of any faction and go into battle, having an arbitrary combination of ships of different factions.

Each fraction, in turn, is subdivided into subfractions. To read the details, click on the desired image.



Empire faction intro img.png

Before the war with Aliens Empire was a great war machine, steadfast in its submission to the leader. This faction’s policy was aimed at expansion: expanding the boundaries of the Emperor’s power was their main priority.

The Empire’s strength came from the best navy in the universe. The magnificent ships were characterized by high wear resistance and combat capability. They were equipped with the best offensive and defensive techniques in their field, which were developed by the faction’s scientific cabinet. Representatives of the Empire were very interested in technology, particularly military technology. The cabinet of scientists, which was formed by the best minds in the universe, was generously sponsored — Imperials didn’t skimp on innovations. However, the Empire wasn’t interested in sharing these technical innovations with the masses.

Proud and strong, loyal to the Emperor and ready to conquer the universe every day of the year, Imperials were one of the universe’s strongest factions.

Faction Traits

The Empire focuses on armor plating, making it's ships hulls very tough. Unfortunately, this means that there is little room for shield generators. Using an energy rerouting process, we can increase the damage your weapons do at the cost of energy reserves. Lastly, due to their toughness and the fact that extra energy is routed to the guns, the engines are slightly underpowered, making Empire ships among the slowest.

+ Pros

Powerful guns.
Great hull health.

- Cons

Low shield health.
Low capacitor charge.
Moderate speed.

General Playstyle : Straightforward attacks and sustained damage.


Empire. New Empire.jpg
New Empire

Empire. Sacred Empire.jpg
Sacred Empire

Empire. Great Empire.jpg
Great Empire

Empire. Northern Empire.jpg
Northern Empire

Empire. Ironside Empire.jpg
Ironside Empire

Empire. Sparta.jpg

Empire. The Doomed Flotilla.jpg
The Doomed Flotilla

Empire. Templars.jpg

Empire. Steel Legion.jpg
Steel Legion

Empire. Union of Free Legions.jpg
Union of Free Legions

Wardens of the Emperor
Wardens of the Emperor


Federation faction intro img.png

Alliance of Free Worlds - explorers, traders, adventurers and colonists, who have paid for their freedom with centuries of bloody wars against the Empire.

There is no rigid power structure or clear hierarchy in the Alliance. This faction doesn't pursue a policy of aggressive expansion (except the expansion of the mind), but from time to time accept free men into their ranks when one star system or another decides to throw off the yoke of the Empire. Trade is the Federation’s power and there no place in the known universe that was occupied by another faction without a Federation representative getting there first—whether to mine, sell, or explore the potential market.

The Federation cares about the development of technology. Its high quality ships are well equipped, speedy, and convenient for travel and transporting goods. Men of the Federation use weapons primarily for self-protection, which is why the Federation keeps developing portable and stationary devices to generate solid force fields.

Faction Traits

The Federation focuses on comfort and style, while retaining the ability to defend itself. This means getting to where you want to go quickly and efficiently. However, having large, energy-draining engines means getting a big generator, which means less space for weapons and armor.

+ Pros

Very high speed.
Great capacitor charge.

- Cons

Mediocre weapon damage.
Hull and shield health are both very low

General Playstyle : Hit-and-Run attacks and special tactics.



Federation. Ellydium.jpg

Federation. UTU.jpg
United Trade Union

Federation. RSW.jpg
Republic of Separate Worlds

Federation. '5th Fleet'.jpg
Association '5th Fleet'

Federation. Blackwood.jpg

Federation. Sargas Fund.jpg
Sargas Fund

Federation. Suncorp.jpg

Federation. Sci-Tech.jpg
Sci-Tech Universal

Federation. IDR.jpg
Independent Democratic Republic

Federation. CMS.jpg
Commonwealth of Mining Systems

Federation. Helion.jpg
Helion Inc

Federation. ICS.jpg
Independent Ceti Systems

Federation. Undock Unlimited.jpg
Undock Unlimited

Federation. The Great Star Republic.jpg
The Great Star Republic

Federation. Hermes Block.jpg
Hermes Block

Federation. Free Worlds of Eridan.jpg
Free Worlds of Eridan

Federation. Atlantic Alliance.jpg
Atlantic Alliance


Jericho faction intro img.png

The heirs of the Church of the Frontier - sectarians who worship the Precursors. Long ago, before the opening of the warp, they were driven out of the Solar System on ships-arks, and wandered for a long time between worlds. Managed to survive and spread its influence over many worlds in the depths of the galaxy.

They were united by one faith, which was originally built on the search of the Forerunners and the Source of the Signal, but gradually transformed into the cult of the personality of their spiritual leader, Bartle. Even before the exile, Bartle allegedly deciphered the Signal and saw in it the message of the Precursors: “find us”. Remarkably, after the return of Jericho eight centuries after the exile, Bartle was still alive. Presumably, after the death of Bartle (again, allegedly) at the hands of the Vanguard during the Galactic Wars, faith in him became a dogma that the Jericho Families who stood at the helm lowered.

Differ in severity in communication, suspicious of strangers, observe the traditional way of life of the founders. For a long time, the civilization of Jericho did not have its own planets and existed only on a handful of huge ships flying through outer space. The harsh living conditions affected the psychology of Jericho, gave rise to unusual customs for the common man and gave so strong an impetus to the development of science and technology that upon repeated contact with humanity revealed a decisive technical superiority of Jericho.

Severe and uncommunicative, the Jericho people jealously guarded their many secrets and killed them without any hesitation even for the opportunity to get any information about the technology that is still unknown to them.

Another distinctive feature of Jericho is fanatical devotion to the leader. Once this leader was Bartle.

Faction Traits

With advancements in technology, we have made powerful shielding and computer systems for our ships. We also use our technology to enhance energy efficiency as well. All the technological improvements take up space, however. In order to have room for our ship systems, we must remove all but the outside shell of the ship's hull.

+ Pros

Best shield health of the factions.
Good capacitor charge.

- Cons

Fragile hull health.
Better speed than the Empire, but less than the Federation.

General Playstyle : Well-rounded combat and technological warfare (special shielding, ECM, etc.).



Jericho. Mendes Family.jpg
Mendes Family

Jericho. Revenants.jpg

Jericho. Cybers.jpg


Special factions that give mercenaries access to special ships and unique capabilities. Also give special tasks.



Mercenary center, helping and correcting the work of all mercenaries. Every pilot who wants to become a mercenary comes here, here he is given tasks, instructed and sent to missions. The center issues licenses to ships to its pilots and access to flights; it assumes part of the cost of maintaining the ship. Helps ships to reach the place of operation, agrees with representatives of other factions on access to shipyards for the construction of large warships.

Faction Traits

The ability to buy, sell, repair ships. The pilot will receive tasks with a reward. Access to trade and free flights. Supervise access to the production of neutral or unique ships without fractional affiliation.

The pilot at the start immediately becomes a member of the Center.



From the start of the invasion ‘Ellydium’ focused its activities on the study of Alien technology. Many important discoveries and technologies based on them will not only enhanced the corporation's reputation, but also greatly expanded their opportunities.

With the opening of portals into Alien worlds, the organization has been actively recruiting mercenaries to collect information on the foreign worlds and their secrets. As soon as an opportunity to gain a foothold near one of the monstrous Alien Leviathans appeared, ‘Ellydium’ leaders immediately took advantage of it. The leading specialists were sent to the area and deployed observation and defence outposts. The result of the risky operation was the construction of a unique station 'Ellydium Theta' on the surface of Leviathan.

Faction Traits

Powerful unique ships, with special modules and weapons, based on advanced alien technologies; ships with self-healing; ships can be grown and rebuilt.

Almost all modules reduce the strength of the hull of the ship when activated; difficult to obtain the necessary resources for the growth of the ship; there are special ammunition capable of inflicting additional damage on these ships; energy problems; increased damage when confronted with obstacles and reduced incoming recovery.



Pirates. Corsairs. Privateers... they have many names. Once they were a storm of the seas. And with the release of humanity into space, they began to present an even more formidable danger. After all, as soon as somewhere there are new opportunities to benefit, there immediately appear those who want to do it in the simpliest way. And in the sectors of the Precursors, what happened in human history happened over and over again - after the troops of three races and the merchants of the Corporations, space predators - the pirates, came there.

At first they were divided and hostile to each other, but not so long ago, the two most violent groups were able to subdue most of the pirate associations in the Imperial and Federated spaces. It is still rumored that this happened with the support of the highest echelons of power of the two states.

Nowadays, in total chaos and destruction, the pirates feel even better than before.

Faction Traits

Ships of a unique type and coloring; unique modules and weapons; unique special modules of some ships; there are ships of any roles.

A small number of ships; no destroyers; the difficulty of gaining access to the ships.






Iceberg Group
Iceberg Group


Pirates. Cartel.png




Ordinary pirates
Ordinary pirates


Other factions that can be found in space, but with which it is almost impossible to somehow agree.

Neutral organizations


Cosmos is full of dangers. And these dangers are sometimes people driven by selfish ends, a biomorph virus, hatred, or political motives. Sometimes they are much more dangerous than aliens and anomalies.


Witnesses Yith'got
Witnesses Yith'got

Shinto Family
Shinto Family

Research Group "Zeus"
Research Group "Zeus"

Dry Lab
Dry Lab

Shipyard "Fortress"
Shipyard "Fortress"



Biomorphs is a complex name for aliens that humans first met in the Precursor sectors. Where they live and what they want is still a secret.

It was previously believed that this is an alien race defending its territory from human mercenaries who flew for prey in the form of artifacts and iridium in their sectors. But after the corporation Ellydium managed to subdue the Leviathan and build its own 'Ellydium Theta' station inside Bion, some previously unknown secrets were revealed to humanity. After several expeditions, Ellydium scientists found that Aliens, which mercenaries were usually called biomorphs, are actually two different groups of aliens using roughly the same technology. That is why people could not immediately distinguish one from another. One kind of aliens was called "Crystallides", and the second, in fact, "Biomorphs".