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Sector Former Federation sectors
System Vior
Position PB-42
PvE-mode Active
Zone difficulty Middle
Min. clearance level 16
Cargo drone Yes, position -346/-282/-7
Transitions to other locations No
The location is present in PvP Arena Yes
Gamemodes (PvP) PvP, CO-OP: Domination, Beacon Hunt, Detonation;

Brawl: Orion's Belt;

Only Custom Battle: Beacon capture, Team battle, Combat Recon, Survival, Four lives

The location is present in Missions No


For decades, the planet PB-42 was considered to be unpromising. All measurements showed that there were no minerals on it, and its remote position made it completely useless in the strategic plan. This is exactly what enabled the ‘Ellydium’ corporation to easily buy out the rights to develop it from the Federation. Officially, Ellydium started measurements of the Signal on the planet, in an attempt to understand the communications of Crystallids. But soon after the founding of their research base, the planet began to shake with the most powerful seismic tremors. Iridium began to ooze out of the giant breaks and crevices that formed. Even approximate evaluations showed that this deposit turned out to be the largest in history.

Now in the scientific community no one doubts that the planet is the source of Iridium — one of the legendary ‘Biones’.

Shortly after the ‘Awakening’, connection with the scientific base of Ellydium was lost. None of the rescue missions have ever been successful. What happened to the staff remains a mystery.

The space around the planet has now become extremely dangerous. Not only that the source of Iridium attracted all sorts of pirates, an uncountable number of strange biomorphs appeared along with them in the orbit. Only the most desperate mercenaries manage to break through to the surface of the Awakened Bione.

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