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Pilot Profile

The pilot profile is a tool that allows for players to see the performance of both themselves and others. It details various statistics such as win-loss ratio and average kills, and allows all pilots to see each others achievements, medals, titles, and taunts. For pilots viewing their own profile, additional options appear, allowing them to change various aspects of their in-game appearance.


The profile is broken into five main sections. Each one shows information about the pilot.

An example of pilot profile.


This is the main page of the profile. It summarizes a pilot's performance in battle, and can be a useful tool to evaluate how much experience a pilot has.

In the top left, the pilot's name, corporation, corpotate title and avatar are displayed, karma level in Open Space, and the number of commendations they have received. For pilots viewing their own profile, the option to change name and avatar appears here. The first name change is free, while following name changes cost 1000 . Avatars cost 500 and can be swapped freely.

Also on the left, various statistics are displayed. Most are easily interpreted, but some require explanation.

  • Fleet strength: The number of ships a pilot owns with full synergy level, including premium ships. Fleet strength increases chance of getting she second container free.
  • Rating among pilots: A pilot's ranking among all pilots, ordered by fleet strength.
  • Pilot rating: A number given to a pilot that depends on what rank they fly, what efficiency score they have at the end of battle, and whether or not they won. It is not a very good indicator of how well a pilot flies.

League statistics show what league team a pilot is a member of (outdated).

On the right, several statistics show how a pilot performs both across all ranks and in all specific ranks. A dropdown menu in the top right allows information to be filtered by rank, or compiled all together. Again, most of these are self-explanatory.

  • Longest PvP win streak: The most games the pilot has won in a row without ties or losses in between.
  • Win/Loss ratio: The number of total wins the pilot has had, divided by the number of losses the pilot has had. If the pilot has had no losses yet, it is simply the number of wins. This statistic is for PvP games only.
  • Total ships destroyed: How many ships the pilot has gotten the final shot on in PvP.
  • Total assists: How many damage and buff assists the pilot has provided in PvP.
  • Repairs, including allies: How much damage the pilot has healed in PvP, including self- and allied heals.
  • Total capture points: How many capture points a pilot has taken down in the game mode "Beacon capture". This mode is exclusive to Portals and Tournaments.


Main article: Atlas

Shows what ships, weapons and modules a pilot has.

A page full of medals.


Includes achievments theirselves, medals and leaderboards.

Main article: Achievements

This page describes the achievements that a pilot has earned, as well as their progress towards other achievements. It can help pilots chasing after specific achievements to see how much progress they have made so far. It can also help show how much experience a pilot has, and what game mode they play most often.

For achievments pilots get prestige points.


Main article: Medals

This page describes the medals that a pilot has earned. Pilots can look at their medals and boast of how many they have to others if they like. For pilots looking at others, medals can help in assessing a pilot's behavior in battle -- if one flies frigates, fighters, or interceptors the most, for instance, or how aggressive one flies, and even how good one is at surviving.

The title page shows various titles. The selected one is previewed and described on the right.


Here you can see ratings of pilots, corporations, special ops time and weekly ratings.

In some ratings for first places you can get resources and taunts.


Main article: Titles

This page describes the titles that a pilot has earned, and what title they fly with. Titles are flairs that alter how a pilot's name is displayed to others. They are unlocked through achievements, and are a simple way to show off!

For pilots viewing their own profiles, there is an option on the right hand side to select a new title.

The taunt page and title page are laid out in a similar fashion.


This page describes the taunts that a pilot has bought, and what taunt they use. Taunts are messages that are automatically displayed alongside the pilot's chosen avatar to enemies they kill. They are purely cosmetic.

For pilots viewing their own profiles, there is an option to buy and use new taunts.