'Twin' protocol

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"Twin" protocol
"Twin" protocol

Type: Special module

For ship: Tornado


Docks ships. Guns and modules don't lose efficiency, but are distributed to two ships.
After undocking the following modules also become available:
  • "Subsitite" protocol
The module allows you to switch control between ships.
Energy consumption: 100 en.
Recharge: 4,5 s.
  • "Offence-Defence" protocol
The module allows you to give a second ship orders to attack the enemy or to defend an ally:
1) “Partner” mode. The ship protects the owner.
2) “Order” mode. The ship performs the following actions:
  • “Protect”. The ship protects the ally who is in the crosshairs when the module is activated.
  • “Attack”. The ship attacks the target locked by the player.
  • “Hold position”. The ship heads to the specified position, target locking must be disabled. The ship will automatically switch to the next mode.
3) “Defence” mode. The ship protects the specified position, the mode is activated when the module is reactivated from any mode.
Energy consumption: 50 en.
Recharge: 1 s.
When a pilot-controlled ship is destroyed, control is transferred to a second ship.
The destroyed ship recovers after 35 s.
In 40 s. after undocking the ship, it is possible to dock . The docking begins instantly, regardless of where the second ship is located.


  • Energy consumption: 200 en.
  • Recharge: 30 s.

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