Balanced swarm

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Appearance of the ship with special module Balanced swarm
Ze'Ta with Balanced swarm
Balanced swarm

Type: Special module

For ship: Ze'Ta Suppressor.png


Launches a crystalline swarm, which operates in several modes:

  • Defence mode Balanced swarm1.png
Hull and shield resistances increase by 125 pts. The swarm restores the destroyer's hull by 400 pts./s. The swarm doesn't attack enemies.
  • Attack mode Balanced swarm-attack.png
The swarm pursues a target captured by the destroyer and deals damage to it. Attack range is 4500 m. Increases movement and turn speed by 10%.
  • Hunt mode Balanced swarm-hunt.png
The swarm splits into 3 groups, that stay at the mode activation spot and attack nearby enemies at up to 1250 m.
The group's damage is lower than the swarm's damage by 50%. Attack preparation time: 8 s. Group velocity is higher than the swarm's speed by 180%. Group durability is 1/3 times the swarm's durability.
Increases movement and turn speed by 10%.

When the swarm is destroyed Crystalline swarm-destroyed.png, the ship's damage resistance increases by 10 pts.


  • DPS (kinetic): 7500 dmg./s.
  • Target effect time: 6 s.
  • Preparation time: 6 s.
  • Flight speed: 370 m./s.
  • Swarm durability: 22000 pts.
  • Swarm repair speed: 325 pts./s.
  • Energy consumption: 120 en.
  • Recharge: 0.5 s.


Swarm in defence or hunt mode

Swarm in attack mode

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