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General information

Faction: Ellydium

Class: Destroyer

Role: Suppressor

Ranks: 9 - 15

Cabin of Ze'Ta
Progress tree of Ze'Ta

Development history

Corporation “Ellydium” proudly presents its main achievement — the latest destroyer, built by scientists at the station “Ellydium Theta”. The ship was designed using the latest advances in the development of crystalline technology. Incredible offensive and defensive power make the destroyer any team's trump card in any battle. The vessel can provide fire support in both offensive and defensive operations.

The ship's unique feature is a remotely controlled special crystalline swarm, created under the personal guidance of doctors Matthew Gilmore and Conrad Dimeni. This is a true weapon of retribution! Mankind's sword of vengeance, forged by employees of the corporation “Ellydium”!

Appearance of the ship with special module Crystalline swarm

Launches a crystalline swarm, which operates in several modes:

  • Defence mode (hull and shield resistance increases, the swarm attacks nearby enemies);
  • Protection mode (hull and shield resistance increases, the swarm forms a shield and guards the ship against damage, additionally increases maneuverability);
  • Turret mode (hull and shield resistance increases, the swarm forms a turret that attacks the target you lock, additionally increases speed).

When the enemy destroys the swarm, the ship’s resistance to damage increases.

Appearance of the ship with special module Balanced swarm

Launches a crystalline swarm, which operates in several modes:

  • Defence mode (the swarm surrounds the destroyer and boosts its damage resistance and hull regeneration);
  • Attack mode (hull and shield resistance increases, the swarm pursues a target captured by the destroyer and deals damage to it, additionally increases speed and maneuverability);
  • Hunt mode (hull and shield resistance increases, the swarm splits into several groups that attack nearby enemies, additionally increases speed and maneuverability).

When the enemy destroys the swarm, the ship’s resistance to damage increases.

Appearance of the ship with special module Fast swarm

Launches a crystalline swarm, which operates in several modes:

  • Boost mode (the swarm accelerates the destroyer; resistance to hull and shield damage increases);
  • Projectile mode (the swarm flies in the direction of the sight and when it hits or is activated again, it goes into cloud mode, kinetic damage is dealt on impact);
  • Cloud mode (the swarm freezes in place and increases in size; opponents caught in it are slowing down and cannot teleport and use micro warp, the range of their radar is reduced; allies inside the cloud have reduced radar signatures; the destroyer's turn speed increases, as well as hull and shield resistance to damage).

When the enemy destroys the swarm, the ship’s resistance to damage increases.


The cabin is the most important component of the ship. To build the ship, pilots first need to manufacture a ship cabin and obtain Xenocrystals. After construction destroyer can be developed from rank 9 to rank 15.

Credits, Experience , Xenocrystals, Enriched monocrystals and Alien composite blocks are required for the ship's upgrades. Also you need such resources as Entangled shards, Crystal storage, Unstable crystal and Crystal cascade. For 3-rd speical module and some equipment you also need Neocortexes and Archeocortexes.

To build Ze'Ta you need:

  • 1 Destroyer cabin
  • 300 Xenocrystals

Additionally 5'000'000 on study of blueprint and 5'000'000 on cabin production.

Features of ship

  • Destroyer receives higher collision damage due to the fragile crystal structure.
  • Ship receives 50% less regeneration of the shield and hull from any sources (for example, if it is written in the characteristics of the special module that it restores 8000 pts. of the hull, then in reality your ship will recover only 4000 pts.).
  • If the ship does not use modules and weapons for 5 seconds, its hull begins to regenerate at 400 pts/s (receives 200 pts/s due to a debuf).


  • Ships made by ‘Ellydium’ scientists with Alien technology may evolve under the influence of ‘xenocrystals’.
Ship rank changes.
Ship appearance changes.
Available modules, weapons and special modules change.
  • All changes to the ships are made by pilots themselves when they choose the appropriate nodes in the ship tree.
  • All development nodes in the new ship tree can be divided into several classes:
‘Special module’ node class. Allows to equip the ship with various special modules, depending on ship rank and its objectives. The opening of the special module gives extra points for the ship.
‘Blueprint research’ node class for modules, modifiers and weapons. Required for production of special modules, modifiers and weapons from ‘Ellydium’ corporation. After research the nodes will not be visible in the ship tree.
‘Basic ship characteristics’ node class. Improves guidance. Increases maximum energy reserves and its recovery speed. Increases maximum ship speed. Increases maximum hull durability. Increases maximum shield volume. Improves weapon parameters.
‘Auxiliary ship slot’ node class. Adds slots for hull, capacitor, active modules, shield modifiers, engine and CPU.
‘Additional bonuses’ node class. Adds bonuses to defence and attack. You can only activate one module at a time.
  • The pilot must first research his desired node, and then activate it or a group of research nodes. Only after pressing the ‘Apply’ button the selected changes will be activated on your ship.
  • Each node can be deactivated, thus changing the configuration and capabilities of the ship to fit the specific challenges the pilot faces.
  • The number of slots on the ship is limited! Carefully review all the possible nodes and activate only the ones that you need.

List of nodes

Unique weapons

These weapons are researched from ship nodes.

'Kai' fission launcher

Generates a cloud of shards, which destroys everything in its path. Quickly pressing the button launches one small shard. The cloud restores nearby swarms on hit.

Available only to ‘Ellydium’ destroyer ‘Ze'Ta’.

Plasma burster

Shoots short bursts of explosive shells, in the place of impact remains highly active gas, dangerous for any matter. Gas does extra damage.

Available to destroyers.

Unique active modules

These modules are researched from ship nodes.

Landing platform

Allows allied ships to land or can be used as a platform for an attack drone. Guest can't use modules but receive weapon boost in damage and range and shield and hull repairing. Host receives shield and energy regeneration.

Available to destroyers.

Swarm control

Gives the pilot control over the destroyer's crystalline swarm. The damage from the swarm increases during this time, and hull of the ship is repaired.

Available only to ‘Ellydium’ destroyer ‘Ze'Ta’.

Devastator beam

It shoots a beam at a long distance. A destructive zone forms at the place of its entry. Enemies who have been there receive damage, and small objects are destroyed.

Available to destroyers.

Jump system 'Kapkan'

The ship jumps forward. All those who were near him find themselves trapped for a few seconds and can't move.

Available only to ‘Ellydium’ destroyer ‘Ze'Ta’.

Crystalline suppressor

Produces large crystalline projectiles that deal damage to enemies and repair allies.

Available only to ‘Ellydium’ destroyer ‘Ze'Ta’.

Unique modifiers

These modifiers are researched from ship nodes.

Speed balancer

Increases the time before the weapon overheats. If the ship is standing still, projectile speed increases.

You can mount only one modifier of this type.

An engine modifier, available only to ‘Ellydium’ ships.

Dead hand

After the destroyer has received deadly damage, it allows you to control a swarm that deals increased damage for a while. After the end of the module's effect, the destroyer explodes. Additionally increases the rate of energy regeneration.

You can mount only one modifier of this type.

A capacitor modifier, available only to ‘Ellydium’ destoyer ‘Ze'Ta’.

Combat control

During manual control, the swarm allows you to fire single drones. The modifier additionally increases the damage of weapons.

You can mount only one modifier of this type.

A CPU modifier, available only to ‘Ellydium’ destoyer ‘Ze'Ta’.

Available equipment

Rank 9:

Rank 10:

Rank 11:

Rank 12:

Rank 13:

Rank 14:

Rank 15: