Disrupting shot

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Disrupting shot
Disrupting shot

Type: Active module.

Group: Long Range modules.

For ranks: 13-17.

For ship: Executor


A guided torpedo hit reduces the target's rate of fire and module cooldown speed for 10 s.


Parameters Disrupting shot 17
Mk.1 Mk.2 Mk.3 Mk.4
Rate of fire reduction 20% +2,5% +2,5% +2,5%
Target module cooldown slowdown 17,5% +2,5% +2,5% +2,5%
Active time 25 s.
Energy consumption 150 en.
Recharge 28 s. -2 s. -2 s. -2 s.
Cost Can be picked up from destroyed enemies in the zone Sorting Facility 945000 1890000 4410000

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