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Appearance of the ship with special module Fast swarm
Ze'Ta with Fast swarm
Fast swarm

Type: Special module

For ship: Ze'Ta Suppressor.png


Launches a crystalline swarm, which operates in several modes:

  • Boost mode Fast swarm.png
The swarm boosts the destroyer's speed by 25% and increases its shield and hull's damage resistance by 40 pts.
  • Projectile mode Fast swarm-projectile.png
The swarm is launched in the direction of the crosshairs and switches to cloud mode on hit or after the second activation.
  • Cloud mode Fast swarm-cloud.png
The swarm forms a 400 m. cloud. The enemies inside the cloud move 30% slower, can't teleport, use micro-warp and side booster. Their radar range decreases by 75%.
The allies inside the cloud have their radar signatures reduced by 75%.
The destroyer's turn speed increases by 25%, while shield and hull damage resistance increases by 20 pts.

When the swarm is destroyed Crystalline swarm-destroyed.png, the ship's damage resistance increases by 10 pts.


  • DPS (kinetic): 7500 dmg./s.
  • Flight speed: 500 m./s.
  • Swarm durability: 22000 pts.
  • Swarm repair speed: 325 pts./s.
  • Energy consumption: 120 en.
  • Recharge: 0,5 s.
  • Projectile: damage (kinetic): 3500 dmg.
  • Projectile: control range: 6000 m.
  • Projectile: flight speed: 7000 m./s.


Swarm in boost mode

Swarm in cloud mode

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